Saturday, October 16, 2010

Diarrhea of the Blog

So, once again, I apologize for the blogging hiatus.
Work has been insanely busy (and I'm about to change jobs, more on that later). Home life has been busy, of course. There are so many things I want to do, successfully blogging on things more substantive than my kids or my own life being one of them, but there just isn't enough time in the day. I told Trisha just the other day that if I could have a second career, it would be in journalism. I've read Newsweek since I was a kid (nerds unite!!) and still do, and I have a lot of original thoughts and ideas on all things political, educational, entertaining, polarizing, that I would L-O-V-E to get paid for writing about, but that isn't in the cards, now is it?!? So maybe one day when some more time presents itself I will make that happen (well, not the getting paid part). I'm not holding my breath.
We are in our house and it is wonderful!!
We haven't ran the air conditioner or heat in over three weeks which is awesome! For some reason, when you open all the windows, a great breeze blows through there. My dad says it is like that because the house is so tall. It is a basement with two "livable" stories on top of it, but it is really more like the height of a three story house because the basement really isn't dug into the ground. I mean one back corner of it is completely underground, but the rest of it stands tall and even has windows. Anyway, something about the height gives us nice winds and on top of the lower power bill that will surely result, we have the openness and refreshed feeling of cool, crisp, fall air all the time! I love the start of a new season.
It always feels like a new start, a rebirth of sorts
(even if my entire family comes down with an awful cold/sore throat every time the seasons change...what's up with that?!?).
Kidsmarket just came through and this year, for the first time ever, I decided to work the sale with my friend Lisa, and because we worked it, we got to shop really early, before the stuff had gotten picked over. To say we racked up would be an understatement! I bought 99 items and spent $430 so that's about $4 an item. And, I'm not lying when I tell you that EVERYTHING I bought was brand name. I wasn't there for "play clothes", I was there for the stuff I want to dress them in, but could never really afford. Read: Ralph Lauren, GAP, etc. Anyway, of course I enjoyed the shopping, but I really did enjoy working it, too. There were some really fun girls there, and while the work was incredibly boring, the talking was amusing and entertaining. Definitely going to be doing that from now on!
While I was at Kidsmarket, I saw a woman that I knew I recognized, but I couldn't place her. Then I remembered, she blogs too, and I've been reading her blog for quite sometime. I think what really caught my attention was her minimalistic blogging style, awesome photography, and also the fact that her two sons are named Charlie and Sam (in that order). She is pregnant with her third, and somehow I doubt she'll name him Huett (that's if its a boy, of course) but anyway, I just thought that was cool. So, on other blogs, I've read awkward stories of how complete strangers have approached them saying that they follow their blogs, and silent, awkward pauses ensue so I just let that be that, and thought I would post a comment on her blog saying that I'd seen her at Kidsmarket. Well, a few minutes later, as fate would have it, she came to my line where I was removing her tags. So, not one to hold my tongue, I said," Not to be stalker-ish, but I'm pretty sure I follow your blog". There were no crickets, no awkward silence. She seemed genuinely pleased and not at all freaked at the prospect that a complete stranger would know her sons by name, and the recent goings on in her little family. Anyway it was a little surreal because in my head, the peoples' blogs that I follow are kinda like my own personal version of celebrity, so that was pretty cool.
You can visit her Sam and Charlie by clicking here!
Mikey has two more classes and then he'll (or we'll) be through with his associates degree in elementary education. I've been his tutor, I guess you could say.
I have decided to take a job in the Main Operating Room where my sister works. There are a number of reasons for the change, the main one being that it will allow for me to have a schedule that will be more family-friendly. Much fewer weekends, a small fraction of the holidays that I currently have to work, and more options as far as what shifts I can work. Also, I've been doing babies for six long years, and I need a change.
Anyway, I was supposed to be starting there on next Monday, and the powers that be just told me that my transfer (along with some of my coworkers) will be stalled until the New Year.
The only feeling that I can liken this to is when I was younger and in gymnastics. Sometimes you would prep to do a back-handspring or some other tumbling pass, and your mind would be cocked and ready, you'd run or prepare to spring, and for some reason your body just wouldn't follow through. It gives you this dizzying "I'm seeing stars" kind of feeling. Like my adrenaline was all pumping and then I had had to unexpectedly slam on the brakes.
I am disappointed, but also happy to spend one last holiday season with the girls that I have grown to love as family here on the Mother-Baby unit, before I will surely miss them to within an inch of their lives :-)! They'll keep my blog blowing up, I'm sure. I'll have to do a better job of updating for you girls...especially you Brittany, even if I am just a sort of blogging hub for you!
Anyway, how's that for a giant run-on post that covers a wide variety of topics? It took me all of twenty minutes to write this. Man, maybe I really should pursue this journalism thing. You know, it's in my blood. My mom did write the Bagley/Corner section for the Community News back before it folded in the late nineties. I mean with that type of family experience, I should be writing speeches for the president.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

my heart

I love this kid. Who knew?!?

I could eat him with a spoon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
No sharing!