Thursday, November 19, 2009

I've been a little busy lately so it took something really ridiculous to return me to my blog. Unfortunately this story comes at the expense of a harmless bag of Salt and Vinegar chips

This picture should be your first clue that what is to come isn't gonna be pretty.

Are you starting to get the picture?

this bag is victim #1

notice it's contents spilled throughout the room.

on the furniture


this picture gives your first glimpse at victim #2 in the swing

do you think that the perpetrators were able to spread chips all around and somehow miss the innocent infant resting peacefully in his swing?

I'd like to submit for evidence the fact this this onesie is solid white so everything else you see is the remnant of victim #1 (bag of salt and vinegar chips)
Do you think the accused actually put that lone chip on his head or do you think it magically landed there?

it was everywhere. This poor baby will surely be scarred for life. He was immediately whisked away for a bath. He kept smacking his lips because inevitably some of the powder from the chips got into his mouth, along with everywhere else.

needless to say, he was not amused! ( neither was I)
He immediately pressed charges.
Since I was the judge and jury, Sam was found guilty of strewing the chips throughout the room as well as onto Charlie and his surroundings. Huett was found guilty to aiding and abetting a criminal. Both were sentenced to solitary confinement. One in their bedroom, and one in Charlie's bedroom.
maybe I've been watching too many courtroom dramas...what else am I supposed to do at 2:00 in the morning while I am feeding Charlie?
For those of you who are wondering where I was when all of this was going down? I was in my bedroom using my breastpump to provide the best nutrition for Charlie as possible...and with big brothers like this, looks like he's gonna need it.
I knew something was going down because I could hear Huett and Sam laughing hysterically. They have this certain laugh that they only do when they are misbehaving so I was expecting something to be going on. The last time I heard such laughter whilst I was pumping, they had taken all of Charlie's diapers out of his diaper caddie and had covered him from head to toe with them while he was in his swing. Another time, Huett had covered Charlie completely with a load of clothes that I had just folded on my bed. But I never imagine the mess I encountered. the first picture with the little vacuum was their futile attempts to clean up the mess themselves before I could see it. So Sam did the damage and Huett just laughed from the sideline and encouraged Sam to keep doing it. All I can say is.... Boy oh Boy oh Boy!

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Market

If you love Christmas Village, then you'll love this. It's not quite as big, but it isn't as crowded either. My mom, sister,possibly a few friends from work and I are going on Friday and I'm so excited. In case you all forgot, I love Christmas and I'm really looking forward to getting out of Walker County ever since the stolen purse debacle. (a detailed account of that ordeal coming later) Anyway hope everyone having a good week!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christmas is fast approaching as you all well know. Yesterday I took the time to sit down and make out our Christmas card for this year. I am not posting the actual one we are sending on here, but I am posting a few of the runners-up. They are really cute too and it was a hard choice, but now it is done and I am really excited.

Some of you might remember, this is our Christmas card from last year. Notice there is one child missing as I was just finding out I was pregnant with Charlie when these cards were going out. Anyway, Mikey took this picture when we were at the Ocoee River in Tennessee and I think it is perfection. I got lots of compliments on these cards and actually I still get compliments on them*.
* I am not bragging about myself, just my handsome boys so sue me...

This was one of my favorites. So classic and clean and I thought it looked great with the sepia toned pictures. But not "The One"

Moving right along, I really liked this one too. I liked that it gave more room for a note at the bottom instead of just our names. And I like to write the boys' whole names out but I digress.
Still not "The One"

I like this one a lot too b/c i love that seafoam green color with the red. I think it is really unique. really cute but just not "The one"

I think this would've been the one if I hadn't gone with the actual winner. The only thing I didn't love about it was that Huett's name and picture was outlined in "cranberry" which just looks like dark pink to me. It's a little too girly for a family with three boys.
Unbelievable, I know, but still not "The One"
Once I actually mail the cards out, I will post the picture of it on here for everyone to see. Until then, you'll just have to wait. These aren't the exact pictures I used on the cards either so it will really be a surprise. I love them and I find myself staring at them constantly. Is that weird?
They should arrive sometime next week and I will be mailing them out ASAP so that people can leave it out the whole month of Christmas(that is if they have a "Christmas card" area where they display their Christmas cards for the year like most women I know do.)
For those of you, like my husband, who are amazed and think I'm some kind of wizard, DON't! As much as I wish I was some kind of graphic designer, I'm not. Websites like , , and my personal favorite,, make it so simple they could call it Christmas Cards for Dummies. All you have to do is upload your pictures there just like you would on here or on facebook, etc. and they do the rest(except pay for them). They are a little expensive, but it's only once a year and it is so much more personal and memorable than plain old Wal-mart cards. And for some of our family, this may be the only time they see the boys all year.
I am also about to change my background to a Christmas one because I am not in love with my Thanksgiving set-up. I am, however, in love with my sister Trisha's blog
I can't take credit for the background but what I can take full credit for is her awesome personalized matching header. I made it from scratch on a program I downloaded for free called and I told her I'm going to start charging a fee for my services. Her # of followers** has jumped up significantly since we made the change and I have to believe it is not at all because of her funny, sometimes silly, sometimes heartwarming postings, but because her page looks so professional. You are welcome Trish Trash...
**following someone's blog means that you have hit the follow button on their side column and have signed up to let that blogger know that you read their blog on a regular basis. It's pretty exciting when you get a new follower ( at least it is to me and Trisha) and right now she has way more than me(but this isn't a competition...not yet anyway) So if you read my blog( or anyone Else's blog) on a regular basis, let me(or them) know by becoming a follower. If you don't already have an account, one is really easy(and free) to set up and it kinda makes all the time we spend bl0gging seem a little more worthwhile.
Even though I would probably do it if no one read it but my mom and my Mother-in-law(who were just about the only people who did read it for a while). It's like a free scrapbook and you can actually have your blog made into a book for fairly cheap so that is some major incentive to keep this up. That way the boys can read it.
On another note, I have 3 journals at home that I keep for each boy and I write down memorable things that they say or do that I don't want to forget, but don't necessarily have a place in their traditional baby books( I recommend any mom do it because it is so fun to go back and read things that I know I totally would've forgotten by now). I started Charlie's last night and I was thinking about what would happen if our house got burned down which actually just happened to some of our best friends. So I decided I am going to start writing some of the most memorable excerpts out of their journals in here so that I will have some other form of record, God forbid something ever happens to their real hardback journals. So I will end this post with that...something for you all to look forward to...well, at least my mom and mother-in-law...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


My mom always said God only gave her one son b/c that was all she could've handled... I take that as a compliment from God b/c he obviously saw fit to give me three. I must be tougher than you mom!! (just kidding)
Anyway, ever since our boys were just babies, they would get wound up around 8:00 pm. As they grow, so does their excitement, which then turns into wrestling and it just snow-balls from there.

one-handed push-ups for 4 year olds...who knew?

out comes the power ranger mask.

notice Charlie chillin' in the background.

Huett is about to attack Mikey...please don't be jealous of our fabulous drapery in the background. It was torn down a while back and mikey just strung it back up there...

they were trying to get daddy involved in the fun...some nights they are successful, some nights they are not. It will wear you out for sure.

This is the part that really makes me nervous when they start climbing on the ottoman

These boys love their spiderman underwear whether it be tighty-whities or boxer-briefs

So you can see why by the time I get the two of these crazies into bed at night My nerves are shot but not really. It doesn't bother me that bad. Maybe it is b/c my dad was one of four boys and in his upbringing, one boy got pushed out of a window, one leg got broken in a fight waiting at the bus stop and another's jaw got broken in a scuffle and they all survived and turned out just fine. And their young bones are strong right?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy belated Halloween

Happy belated Halloween.

I just thought that I would throw this picture in to terrify everyone...This was one scary outlaw.

Now on to happier trick-or-treaters

Sam was a cowboy

So handsome!!

This was the Wizard of Oz family. Cute Cute Cute!


The wizard

Huett and Sam with their friends at school.

Ava as Ni Hao Kailan (on the Disney Channel for all you non-moms)

Huett and Sam were Power Rangers for their party at school. They are shooting at you in this picture.

So pretty

Huett and Ava
at school