Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Can anyone help me? I'm having trouble telling who is who...

Charlie and Sam's baby pictures are so similar that I sometimes can't tell them apart.

Of course, you can cheat and look at the date but the resemblance is still uncanny,...


Anyway, everyone jot down your answers and scroll down to the bottom to see how you did...


Hint: these are only pics of Sam and Charlie b/c apparently when Huett was a tiny baby his mommy wasn't very technologically savvy and so his pictures aren't readily available. this gives you a 50/50 chance!



1. Sam
3. Sam
5. Charlie
6. Sam!
I think the first two are the most similar...I'm sure huett's would be eerily similar as well. If I can find them on my computer then I will add some of him too...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a prelude to the greatest holiday of the year!

A friend of mine made a mere mention of Christmas music on her facebook page and I am all a-flutter with excitement. I have always loved Christmas, from the decorating, and cooking, to the presents and time with family. Well, this year is no different, but for the next several years, I know Mikey and I will be having the best, most memorable Christmas's of our lives as we share the joy and excitement of Christmas with our young boys! Time is fleeting and I know they won't believe for long. But now, in this year, and in these coming moments, they are giddy with excitement about helping me put up the decorations. I made a mention of Christmas lights a few weeks ago and Huett keeps asking me every day, when are we going to get out the tree? So I will cherish every moment until they become big boys and couldn't care less about putting up a Christmas tree.

This tree kinda resembles my own tree. It is a little busier than my own tree, but mine hasa candy theme. The 9 foot beauty is subtly callingto me from the shed...Her voice growing a little louderevery day. I will have her up by Thanksgiving.(sadly that is when I go back to work).I love it love it love it!!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hard Core Football Fans!

You know your husband must really be into football when you look up from the computer and find this...

These lovable, huggable guys just passed out.
I guess the Alabama game wasn't entertaining enough for them...

Archer loves his uncle Mikey, and uncle Mikey loves his Archer...from looking at these pictures, can you blame them?
They both look pretty irresistible to me!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Silent Sundays



As the Weekends are such busy times around here I am going to try to start posting some pictures from the previous week every Sunday, without writing an acual post, so this is the first weekly

Silent Sundays


Hope you all enjoy! And have a great week!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chris Young Live and In Color!!

As I alluded to in an earlier post, Mikey, my big brother and sister, and several of our friends went to hear Chris Young (who's song just went #1 on the country charts) at Cafe Firenze in The big salty Ham! (that's Birmingham if you needed clarification)

Let's just say my hubbie has had a "Man Crush" on Chris Young since Season 4 of Nashville Star. He liked Chris from the first episode, and to our surprise he went on to win!

Shortly thereafter, we went to see the Nashville Star tour at Visionland. Mikey went with a friend to see him at The Grand Ole Opry, we saw him in Decatur, and Cullman, and most recently we went to see him when he opened for Alan Jackson at Oak Mountain.

and in the meantime, we've watched reruns of Nashville Star that Mikey has had saved since 2006...three whole years he's had them saved and we've probably watched them 100s of times, no, seriously. Huett used to go to sleep watching Chris Young every night...

When we heard he was coming to cafe Firenze, we knew we couldn't miss it!

So, Mikey took off from work, and we gathered up all our friends and we headed down highway 280, Chris Young bound!

my big brother Chad E. Whacker

My sister from another mister, Katy

Mikey and I just waiting for the show to start!

The show (and the fun) have begun! Chris is singing...look at the packed crowd!

Nichole, Chris Young's other biggest fan and self-proclaimed future wife, and Bob, always the life of the party!

Mikey and "Dollar" Bill Lawson. This picture needs no description...a picture truly is worth a thousand words. Or maybe a thousand giant porcelain teeth...

Bradley and Tera(sp?) What a cute pair!

This crazy lady kept trying to get in front of the stage, and then she would leave and try to come right back in, but it was so crowded that once you got your spot, you couldn't go anywhere, or your spot was gone. Anyway, she was trying to sneak by Trisha, and Trish wouldn't let her pass. Finally after much begging we let her by and she kept kissing us on the hand and it was bizarre but memorable...

Mikey and I were dancin' it up! It was so much fun...I mean we have been watching this guy since he was a nobody and here he is with a #1 song! I mean as ridiculous as it sounds, I feel like I know the guy.

It was nice having Chad back out with us...he hasn't been out in a while and I think he enjoyed himself.

this is a pic of our group minus Bradley and Tera...what a fun bunch.

Don't even ask what was going on in these pictures because I'm not honestly really sure...All I know is that it was really funny and unexpected when they did it...

It sure was fun to act like we were young and responsibility -free for one night, but I think we can all agree we wouldn't go back even if we could. We just don't recover as easily as we once did.

Monday, October 19, 2009

weather balloon drama?

Seriously? Richard and Mayumi Heene? This was your grand scheme?

This elaborate hoax was your one big shot at life in the public eye? A free ride on a reality show?
And what might that reality show be about? The life of three sons who have been taken into custody of the state because their parents are idiots? Seriously, even if you had've pulled this off and had people believe the cute story that your 6 year old son let your giant balloon go, and he was so sad and scared of daddy that he hid himself in the attic for 3 hours, did you think that would make America think you were just an interesting, quirky little family that you might see on TLC? Or better yet, The Weather Channel? That answer is a BIG FAT NO!!
I take personal offense to this entire situation because my mom and I were watching this unfold live on Fox News. We sat there as the helicopters filmed this ridiculous UFO-like apparatus fly through the air, narrowly escaping trees and power-lines(which surely would've been the death of this little boy...if he were actually in the balloon.) We were truly scared and worried. Literally on the edge of our seats, imagining,"What if that were one of ours?"...saying things like he's only 6 years old... Huett will be 6 in a year and a half. We were really fearing for this childs life...We held our breath as the balloon neared the ground and the man was chasing after it in that dusty field, trying to bring it to the ground, and the First Responders were trying to pierce it open with shovels, ready to try to save this boys life. I was afraid he might've suffocated without oxygen, flying as high as 8,000 feet at times.
Then comes the story that his brothers say they saw him fall out...well, any rational mind would think that if he was still within seeing distance from them that they could point police where to find him...that is when I started to think something was not adding up... Nevertheless, the parents seemed genuinely concerned, no doubt the police men and women not to mention the newspeople and just normal people watching across the country were wrapped up in this crazy story, all hoping for a happy ending. Well, a happy ending we all got a few hours later when this little boy reemerged from his cardboard box in the attic ( how many 6 year olds do you know that would sit completely still, in a cardboard box, in an attic, without instruction from an adult to do so for three hours??)
Anyway, I'm mad that my feelings were wasted on some lame parents' feeble attempts at trying to get out of having to earn a real, honest living and getting to live the glamorous life of a famous reality family. Forget John and Kate Plus 8...these are the people who took it to a whole other level. Talk about using your kids... Little Falcon Heene will forever be the boy who was in that balloon, but not really. The boy in that balloon hoax.
I hope they throw the book at these loser parents. I hear they are facing felony charges...What a couple of idiots.

I'm so excited!!!

Tonight, Mikey, Trisha, Chad, and I, and several of our friends are going to see Chris Young at Cafe Firenze. He is only Mikey's favorite singer in the world. He has the # 2 song in the country right now, "Gettin' you Home" and we've seen him 5 or 6 times in concert, but never anywhere as small as Cafe Firenze. I am so pumped!! It will be a blast!

We went to see him at the Cullman County Rodeo and we got this picture of the boys with him!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

one husband, three sons, testosterone much?

Friday, October 16, 2009

6 weeks old!

Huett's first pediatrician once told me,
"Parents beg for the first six weeks to be over
and they pray that the first 6 years won't end."
This is so true, however, I have to be honest, I am glad to be past the ridiculously sleepless nights that the first month with a newborn provide.
Today, Charlie is six weeks old!!
What a big boy! He is eating about 4 ounces of breastmilk every 3-4 hours. He has 2 tbsp of Rice cereal in his 4 ounce bottle each time to ease his reflux. My guess is that he probably weighs around 10 1/2 pounds. He is completely out of his newborn clothes and some of his 0-3 month clothes. He fits most of his 3-6 month clothes well...

He sleeps all night from 10:00-8:00. He wakes up once around 4:00 for a bottle and he goes right back to sleep. He is by far the best sleeper of my 3 sons. He sleeps in his own crib and I keep him swaddled up tight.

Big sneeze

Isn't he just handsome as can be? I love his chubby cheeks!

and that chubby little kissable. Look at his long earlobes...
He is just getting so big, so fast!! More fun to come!

Charlie Barley head(another one of his nicknames)

As I scroll through these pictures, I can't believe God has blessed Mikey and myself with this Angel, and he has done it 3 times in a row. I also have 3 equally angelic nieces and nephews and one on the way!!!

Charlie has just started smiling in the last week. It's so exciting to me because it's the first time they actually return your affections.

His first real purposeful smiles were aimed at his biggest brother Huett. They were in the playroom at Gran Grans and Huett was talking to him and he smiled several times I've been told. I missed it, but he smiled at me a few times the very next day!

Here he is smiling at Daddy. Mikey kept him while I took Huett and Sam to Six Flags and it looks like they were having fun together!

Lounging on the couch at Aunt Shell's!

Look at those big eyes. I'm not sure what color they'll be yet b/c I thought I saw brown but lately all I see is hints of blue...

napping in his new swing at Aunt Shell's

Napping with mommy...perfect cuddling time!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

it's not everyday

It's not everyday that you get the chance to meet your new best friend...
okay so maybe that's a little extreme, but it could happen.
These little guys were born exactly 5 weeks apart. Hopefully they'll get to go to school together, and I hope they'll be big buds! Mikey and I love his parents and I remember how excited I was when we found out we were going to be pregnant together! Well, after 2 long pregnancies, they are finally here!

Introducing Jackson Gage!
Isn't he perfect? Don't they kinda look alike?

He seems really laid back! Although it's only day 3, I think he's gonna be a cool kid!

Out of all of our friends with babies, he is the only boy(besides our own)!! Finally! I think the years ahead are going to be lots of fun watching these two grow up together!

Six-Flags or Bust!!

Sunday, Mom, Trisha, and I got up the nerve to take the older kids, and Archer, to Six Flags... I had my concerns about our sanity, but it was a great trip.
On the way there, we stopped at Wal-Mart and Gran-Gran bought the kids these neck pillows which they are modeling here as hats.
Archer was relaxing here as we headed east.

Huett and Ava were in the very back riding together, which led to lots of fighting and arguing...and laughing, too.

Sam sat next to Archer and Gran Gran and kept all the adults entertained. This little guy may be becoming quite the trouble-maker in his terrible twos but he is a really funny kid. He kept me laughing through my rear-view mirror.

For those of you who knew, the monster plantation is now the "Monster Mansion" We were worried that it would've changed and that it might be scary now...but it wasn't. It was pretty much the same, just with newer, cleaner characters. The old ones always seemed moldy and it smelt like a dark, dank basement which I guess is essentially what it is, but I digress...

The scary part when you go into the marsh was a little scarier than I remembered, but not too much for the kids. They were a little tense, but they liked it overall

Some of the old characters with their new upgrades that we all know and love.

Archer even got to ride this one.

The monster band.

Huett and Sam really thought this lady was funny

You can tell Huett's really laughing in this picture.

Archer took a few naps throughout the day but he was such a trooper. He really had a good time too. I think he may be a people-watcher like me because he had such a nice day just relaxing in his stroller watching all the weirdos walk by... also a nice surprise, the day we visited was Latino-fest!

Waiting patiently to ride the semi-trucks. The lines weren't long at all.

3 duckies all in a row. Oh the suspense!

Next stop, the train. Archer really didn't like the train whistle.

It was pretty loud and scary

I was able to calm him down and from then on, I tried to hold his ears when it blew.

on a quick side note, the boys have been watching The Wizard of Oz the past few weeks. Sam pointed out to me that I have a "bad witches nose" which my older brother has been pointing out to me for years. He preferred to liken me to Toucan Sam from the Froot Loops box, but anyway, I think this picture showcases it beautifully. Built in Halloween Costume...lemons out of lemonade.

Someone else who didn't like the whistle? Sam "the hambone" Hill

His hands flew up to his ears every time it tooted. Notice Huett is waving. He waved religiously every time we passed anyone that was on foot, no matter age, race, whether they were a worker or visitor, he was waving, long and hard!

The train was such a hit, we rode it twice in a row.

Notice Huett's harness around his chest. We had all 3 kids on leashes so that they couldn't get away from us in the crowd. It took some getting used to on the kids' part, but it worked great and really got the job done.
3 kid leashes : $30.00
weird looks from passers-by: a little embarrassment
no lost pre-schoolers at six-flags: priceless

These boys were having the time of their life!

I'm so glad I let Trisha talk me into taking them, even though I was missing Charles in Charge (that's what I refer to him as sometimes when he is throwing his fits like nobody's business) like crazy

This little crew had a good time too!

Ahhh... the carousel. They patiently awaited this ride all day.

Sam is hammin' it up as usual.

What a silly goose!

It starts to take off and he's all business at the reigns of his wild stallion!

Just the 2 of us...I didn't get to ride this ride b/c we couldn't all fit. I was afraid it would scare Huett but after it made the first round I could see him smiling and I knew he was having fun.

Ava had to ride all alone...we needed teagan on the trip to even it out.

Here they come out of the Marsh! They survived the Monster Mansion!!!

Modest viewers avert your eyes...
One question? Isn't she lovely? And I mean trisha not the NAKED LADY that Six Flags felt was appropriate to put on their carousel.. It is borderline pornographic! There is a time and a place for every piece of art and this one is in the wrong place at a completely inappropriate time.
Thank Heavens they have those modest red and blue sashes on or I don't know what we might see...

Mini-caged ferris-wheel that goes 2 miles an hour...doesn't seem like too much fun to me, but it really does something for these little guys!

A quick rest between rides. What a handsome boy. Supermodels everywhere would be envious of his perfectly placed beauty mark...can boys have beauty marks you say?? well, this one does, so deal with it!

Last but not least look at this angel. Mikey calls him "Fat Boy" (Mikey likes to give out nicknames) The kids call him Archer the Barcher or Arch the Barch. Don't ask me what that means or even where it came from but I'm afraid it has stuck. Isn't he handsome. So babyish, yet so boyish at the same time. I could eat him alive with powdered sugar on top just like a little baby funnel cake! No Sharing!!!