Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Six-Flags or Bust!!

Sunday, Mom, Trisha, and I got up the nerve to take the older kids, and Archer, to Six Flags... I had my concerns about our sanity, but it was a great trip.
On the way there, we stopped at Wal-Mart and Gran-Gran bought the kids these neck pillows which they are modeling here as hats.
Archer was relaxing here as we headed east.

Huett and Ava were in the very back riding together, which led to lots of fighting and arguing...and laughing, too.

Sam sat next to Archer and Gran Gran and kept all the adults entertained. This little guy may be becoming quite the trouble-maker in his terrible twos but he is a really funny kid. He kept me laughing through my rear-view mirror.

For those of you who knew, the monster plantation is now the "Monster Mansion" We were worried that it would've changed and that it might be scary now...but it wasn't. It was pretty much the same, just with newer, cleaner characters. The old ones always seemed moldy and it smelt like a dark, dank basement which I guess is essentially what it is, but I digress...

The scary part when you go into the marsh was a little scarier than I remembered, but not too much for the kids. They were a little tense, but they liked it overall

Some of the old characters with their new upgrades that we all know and love.

Archer even got to ride this one.

The monster band.

Huett and Sam really thought this lady was funny

You can tell Huett's really laughing in this picture.

Archer took a few naps throughout the day but he was such a trooper. He really had a good time too. I think he may be a people-watcher like me because he had such a nice day just relaxing in his stroller watching all the weirdos walk by... also a nice surprise, the day we visited was Latino-fest!

Waiting patiently to ride the semi-trucks. The lines weren't long at all.

3 duckies all in a row. Oh the suspense!

Next stop, the train. Archer really didn't like the train whistle.

It was pretty loud and scary

I was able to calm him down and from then on, I tried to hold his ears when it blew.

on a quick side note, the boys have been watching The Wizard of Oz the past few weeks. Sam pointed out to me that I have a "bad witches nose" which my older brother has been pointing out to me for years. He preferred to liken me to Toucan Sam from the Froot Loops box, but anyway, I think this picture showcases it beautifully. Built in Halloween Costume...lemons out of lemonade.

Someone else who didn't like the whistle? Sam "the hambone" Hill

His hands flew up to his ears every time it tooted. Notice Huett is waving. He waved religiously every time we passed anyone that was on foot, no matter age, race, whether they were a worker or visitor, he was waving, long and hard!

The train was such a hit, we rode it twice in a row.

Notice Huett's harness around his chest. We had all 3 kids on leashes so that they couldn't get away from us in the crowd. It took some getting used to on the kids' part, but it worked great and really got the job done.
3 kid leashes : $30.00
weird looks from passers-by: a little embarrassment
no lost pre-schoolers at six-flags: priceless

These boys were having the time of their life!

I'm so glad I let Trisha talk me into taking them, even though I was missing Charles in Charge (that's what I refer to him as sometimes when he is throwing his fits like nobody's business) like crazy

This little crew had a good time too!

Ahhh... the carousel. They patiently awaited this ride all day.

Sam is hammin' it up as usual.

What a silly goose!

It starts to take off and he's all business at the reigns of his wild stallion!

Just the 2 of us...I didn't get to ride this ride b/c we couldn't all fit. I was afraid it would scare Huett but after it made the first round I could see him smiling and I knew he was having fun.

Ava had to ride all alone...we needed teagan on the trip to even it out.

Here they come out of the Marsh! They survived the Monster Mansion!!!

Modest viewers avert your eyes...
One question? Isn't she lovely? And I mean trisha not the NAKED LADY that Six Flags felt was appropriate to put on their carousel.. It is borderline pornographic! There is a time and a place for every piece of art and this one is in the wrong place at a completely inappropriate time.
Thank Heavens they have those modest red and blue sashes on or I don't know what we might see...

Mini-caged ferris-wheel that goes 2 miles an hour...doesn't seem like too much fun to me, but it really does something for these little guys!

A quick rest between rides. What a handsome boy. Supermodels everywhere would be envious of his perfectly placed beauty mark...can boys have beauty marks you say?? well, this one does, so deal with it!

Last but not least look at this angel. Mikey calls him "Fat Boy" (Mikey likes to give out nicknames) The kids call him Archer the Barcher or Arch the Barch. Don't ask me what that means or even where it came from but I'm afraid it has stuck. Isn't he handsome. So babyish, yet so boyish at the same time. I could eat him alive with powdered sugar on top just like a little baby funnel cake! No Sharing!!!


  1. Great pictures !!how could they not be with such beautiful children!! I'm glad they had so much fun!!

  2. Looks like ya'll had a great time. I told Matt that your family always has so much fun. Ours needs to step it up or I will be forced to beg ya'll to adopt us into the Huett family. ;-)
    Hope all is great!