Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chris Young Live and In Color!!

As I alluded to in an earlier post, Mikey, my big brother and sister, and several of our friends went to hear Chris Young (who's song just went #1 on the country charts) at Cafe Firenze in The big salty Ham! (that's Birmingham if you needed clarification)

Let's just say my hubbie has had a "Man Crush" on Chris Young since Season 4 of Nashville Star. He liked Chris from the first episode, and to our surprise he went on to win!

Shortly thereafter, we went to see the Nashville Star tour at Visionland. Mikey went with a friend to see him at The Grand Ole Opry, we saw him in Decatur, and Cullman, and most recently we went to see him when he opened for Alan Jackson at Oak Mountain.

and in the meantime, we've watched reruns of Nashville Star that Mikey has had saved since 2006...three whole years he's had them saved and we've probably watched them 100s of times, no, seriously. Huett used to go to sleep watching Chris Young every night...

When we heard he was coming to cafe Firenze, we knew we couldn't miss it!

So, Mikey took off from work, and we gathered up all our friends and we headed down highway 280, Chris Young bound!

my big brother Chad E. Whacker

My sister from another mister, Katy

Mikey and I just waiting for the show to start!

The show (and the fun) have begun! Chris is singing...look at the packed crowd!

Nichole, Chris Young's other biggest fan and self-proclaimed future wife, and Bob, always the life of the party!

Mikey and "Dollar" Bill Lawson. This picture needs no description...a picture truly is worth a thousand words. Or maybe a thousand giant porcelain teeth...

Bradley and Tera(sp?) What a cute pair!

This crazy lady kept trying to get in front of the stage, and then she would leave and try to come right back in, but it was so crowded that once you got your spot, you couldn't go anywhere, or your spot was gone. Anyway, she was trying to sneak by Trisha, and Trish wouldn't let her pass. Finally after much begging we let her by and she kept kissing us on the hand and it was bizarre but memorable...

Mikey and I were dancin' it up! It was so much fun...I mean we have been watching this guy since he was a nobody and here he is with a #1 song! I mean as ridiculous as it sounds, I feel like I know the guy.

It was nice having Chad back out with us...he hasn't been out in a while and I think he enjoyed himself.

this is a pic of our group minus Bradley and Tera...what a fun bunch.

Don't even ask what was going on in these pictures because I'm not honestly really sure...All I know is that it was really funny and unexpected when they did it...

It sure was fun to act like we were young and responsibility -free for one night, but I think we can all agree we wouldn't go back even if we could. We just don't recover as easily as we once did.


  1. i was wondering how he managed to track in so much foliage from an innocent night out... :P

  2. it was a fun night! he sang my favorite song, "you're gonna love me". i felt like he was singing just to me! good times were had by all!