Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blogger found Alive

If any of you were wondering, we are alive and well... I have been so ridiculously busy that my blog has taken a fall... Not only is have 3 young sons challenging enough, My wonderful husband has decided to return to the academic life, online. He is going back to school to become a teacher , which I am totally supportive of, however, any extra time that I thought I might have in the next 2 1/2 years ( which is how long it will take him to finish with his bachelors degree, barring any setbacks) has been thrown out the window. He is only in week two of his first two 9 week classes and one is quite simple. His teacher is laid back and helpful. The other, however, is not so much. It is a relatively easy class, Survey of Computer Information Systems, but the teacher wants all of his papers written in APA format which I know will eventually be simple enough, but appareantly when Mikey was in high school, they didn't do formatted research papers. It has been so long since I have done one that this has really thrown us for a loop. I know once I jog my memory and teach him how to do it, it won't be a big deal, but it kinda is a big deal when you throw in 2 full-time jobs, and 3 small children. Not to mention, when learning online, you are totally responsible for doing the assigned reading and teaching it to yourself, and making sure you can grasp it. Anyway I guess he'll figure it out, and if not, I'll be here to help. It's just a little bit of stress that I think neither one of us thought we'd be dealing with at this point in our lives. I know once he is through that he'll make a wonderful teacher and he'll be so much happier, but if you could all just keep him (and me) in your prayers it would be greatly appreciated. Pray that he will easily grasp his materials and will be able to successfully transfer that knowledge into written form for the teachers to see. He has about 2 papers per week in each class, and 2 discussion questions per week. That adds up. Also pray for patience and understanding from our families who are going to have to step up with us to get this done. When you have as many small kids as we do, not to mention my neices and nephews, you don't get anything major like this accomplished on your own. Pray that the Lord will see Mikey though to the end of this and that he will be successful. (and wish us luck!)

Now, not to totally disappoint, I do have some pictures of Charlie(and his big brothers) coming up, I just haven't gotten them loaded into the computer...I will post them in the next few days! I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. glad to hear from you! i didn't think you would ever rejoin the blog-world! i know when you get back to work, you will have more time to work on it...i surely do!

  2. As I told Trisha i found nothing at kids market! (besides a few pj's and such) all the smocked dresses there they wanted over $20 for & $15 is my limit for consignment! And I totally understand about the hubby going back to school thing! Scotty has been going back for over 3 yrs now and I'm ready for him to be done!

  3. Like it when you and Trisha blog. I enjoy reading things. Don't get stressed over school. This to will pass(maybe not as soon as you would like for it to). Love You Bunches