Monday, October 19, 2009

weather balloon drama?

Seriously? Richard and Mayumi Heene? This was your grand scheme?

This elaborate hoax was your one big shot at life in the public eye? A free ride on a reality show?
And what might that reality show be about? The life of three sons who have been taken into custody of the state because their parents are idiots? Seriously, even if you had've pulled this off and had people believe the cute story that your 6 year old son let your giant balloon go, and he was so sad and scared of daddy that he hid himself in the attic for 3 hours, did you think that would make America think you were just an interesting, quirky little family that you might see on TLC? Or better yet, The Weather Channel? That answer is a BIG FAT NO!!
I take personal offense to this entire situation because my mom and I were watching this unfold live on Fox News. We sat there as the helicopters filmed this ridiculous UFO-like apparatus fly through the air, narrowly escaping trees and power-lines(which surely would've been the death of this little boy...if he were actually in the balloon.) We were truly scared and worried. Literally on the edge of our seats, imagining,"What if that were one of ours?"...saying things like he's only 6 years old... Huett will be 6 in a year and a half. We were really fearing for this childs life...We held our breath as the balloon neared the ground and the man was chasing after it in that dusty field, trying to bring it to the ground, and the First Responders were trying to pierce it open with shovels, ready to try to save this boys life. I was afraid he might've suffocated without oxygen, flying as high as 8,000 feet at times.
Then comes the story that his brothers say they saw him fall out...well, any rational mind would think that if he was still within seeing distance from them that they could point police where to find him...that is when I started to think something was not adding up... Nevertheless, the parents seemed genuinely concerned, no doubt the police men and women not to mention the newspeople and just normal people watching across the country were wrapped up in this crazy story, all hoping for a happy ending. Well, a happy ending we all got a few hours later when this little boy reemerged from his cardboard box in the attic ( how many 6 year olds do you know that would sit completely still, in a cardboard box, in an attic, without instruction from an adult to do so for three hours??)
Anyway, I'm mad that my feelings were wasted on some lame parents' feeble attempts at trying to get out of having to earn a real, honest living and getting to live the glamorous life of a famous reality family. Forget John and Kate Plus 8...these are the people who took it to a whole other level. Talk about using your kids... Little Falcon Heene will forever be the boy who was in that balloon, but not really. The boy in that balloon hoax.
I hope they throw the book at these loser parents. I hear they are facing felony charges...What a couple of idiots.

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