Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a prelude to the greatest holiday of the year!

A friend of mine made a mere mention of Christmas music on her facebook page and I am all a-flutter with excitement. I have always loved Christmas, from the decorating, and cooking, to the presents and time with family. Well, this year is no different, but for the next several years, I know Mikey and I will be having the best, most memorable Christmas's of our lives as we share the joy and excitement of Christmas with our young boys! Time is fleeting and I know they won't believe for long. But now, in this year, and in these coming moments, they are giddy with excitement about helping me put up the decorations. I made a mention of Christmas lights a few weeks ago and Huett keeps asking me every day, when are we going to get out the tree? So I will cherish every moment until they become big boys and couldn't care less about putting up a Christmas tree.

This tree kinda resembles my own tree. It is a little busier than my own tree, but mine hasa candy theme. The 9 foot beauty is subtly callingto me from the shed...Her voice growing a little louderevery day. I will have her up by Thanksgiving.(sadly that is when I go back to work).I love it love it love it!!!!


  1. I can't believe that Christmas is almost here and I have two more grandsons since last year and probably one more granddaughter by Christmas! What a blessing and what fun and crazy times we will have this Christmas! Love IT!

  2. i think i want a new theme for my tree. i'm over the natural looking stuff...i want some shiny, and some cutesy!