Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Way back in mid-September, my oldest niece Ava Claire turned 4. We had a carnival themed birthday party at my parents' house! It was a blast!

Teagan was about to come down with the swine flu the next day...funny how it comes on so fast! No worries, she's all better now!

Uncle Chad dressed up as a juggling clown...He did his own face paint so don't even ask me what's up with that. I don't think it came together like he thought it would but I digress...

Sweet little family...

Spiderman AKA Sam was in attendance for the big day...And I did his face-painting. It was a masterpiece. I was the in-house face painter at the carnival (except for Chad's as I'll remind you he did that mess himself.)

Mikey was the more normal clown, but there was still something frightening about him. I did do his facepaint, which wasn't all that great in the first place, but when this picture was taken, he had already been outside sweating for a while so it looked even worse. And both of their costumes were from Wal-mart and were size XL, but Mikey's a pretty tall guy, and well, Chad's pants were just tight. I was pretty hysterical when they walked out for the first time. To keep from offending anyone, or making anyone blush, Mikey wore basketball shorts over his costume, if you get my drift...Seriously though, what other 2 grown men do you know that would be so much fun and such good sports...The kids really got a kick out of it!

Ava was a butterfly princess(more of my handi-work)

All the kids were so excited to get their faces painted!

More It...

Sam and Maddie, pre face-paint...notice Mikey's legs in the right-hand side of this picture. Look how short his pants were and imagine what was going on under the basketball shorts. Hilarious. I don't think he'll be wearing that to Trunk-Or-Treat at church any time soon.

Isn't she the prettiest 4 year old ever. I wish we could dress her up Jon-Benet Ramsey style just one time and have a photo shoot. No doubt she would be drop dead gorgeous in that kind of stuff. And before you go getting all judgemental on me, no I am not into forcing little kids to dress up and wear crazy makeup and fake hair, etc. I just love watching Toddlers and Tiara's on TLC and Ava just totally has "the look"...not to mention personality for days...I'm just sayin' she would always take the Grand Supreme title and the cash!

So Happy Birthday AVA!! You've been keeping us all on our toes since you were born and I am sure that it isn't going to change any time soon!


  1. Mikey was always scared of the movie IT!!Love the pictures, i hate i had to miss the party!Mamaw

  2. Funny stuff! Mikey's make-up didn't stand a chance after the sweating started! You didn't have any pictures of Huett or Charlie! Ava is lucky to have such a great Aunt Tiffany!

  3. Yes Ava has kept us on our toes but that is our Ava Claire