Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy belated Halloween

Happy belated Halloween.

I just thought that I would throw this picture in to terrify everyone...This was one scary outlaw.

Now on to happier trick-or-treaters

Sam was a cowboy

So handsome!!

This was the Wizard of Oz family. Cute Cute Cute!


The wizard

Huett and Sam with their friends at school.

Ava as Ni Hao Kailan (on the Disney Channel for all you non-moms)

Huett and Sam were Power Rangers for their party at school. They are shooting at you in this picture.

So pretty

Huett and Ava
at school

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  1. I know that school all too well. Anna graduated from there in 2008! She & Hudson both went there for a few weeks this summer! What a small world.

    PS, Anna would've fit right in with your power rangers, as the pink one of course!