Wednesday, November 4, 2009


My mom always said God only gave her one son b/c that was all she could've handled... I take that as a compliment from God b/c he obviously saw fit to give me three. I must be tougher than you mom!! (just kidding)
Anyway, ever since our boys were just babies, they would get wound up around 8:00 pm. As they grow, so does their excitement, which then turns into wrestling and it just snow-balls from there.

one-handed push-ups for 4 year olds...who knew?

out comes the power ranger mask.

notice Charlie chillin' in the background.

Huett is about to attack Mikey...please don't be jealous of our fabulous drapery in the background. It was torn down a while back and mikey just strung it back up there...

they were trying to get daddy involved in the fun...some nights they are successful, some nights they are not. It will wear you out for sure.

This is the part that really makes me nervous when they start climbing on the ottoman

These boys love their spiderman underwear whether it be tighty-whities or boxer-briefs

So you can see why by the time I get the two of these crazies into bed at night My nerves are shot but not really. It doesn't bother me that bad. Maybe it is b/c my dad was one of four boys and in his upbringing, one boy got pushed out of a window, one leg got broken in a fight waiting at the bus stop and another's jaw got broken in a scuffle and they all survived and turned out just fine. And their young bones are strong right?


  1. Oh these pictures make me nervous!! Tell them boys to be careful so GranGran won't worry about them at night!! And of course I love them all three!!!!And by the way I don't think you are tougher than me, your just as tough as me!! But now I have to help out with not 1 nor 2 nor 3 but 4 grandsons!!! What a delight!! And of couse I think my 2 granddaughters can hang in there with the 4 boys!!!

  2. I know Gran Gran these pictures make me nervous too.. but i know they are the 3 of the most sweetest and precious little boys in the whole wide world!! And Archer, Ava and Teagan included also.. we have such beautiful grandbabies!!

  3. Yes MawMaw we do have the greatest grandbabies in the whole wide world.

    Tiffany, just thought I would remind you that it wasn't that easy raising you and Trisha!! Sometimes you two were as wild as the three boys when you, Trisha and Chad got wound up. And of course when you started your crying!!!

    Love you!!

  4. I had to laugh out loud at that last comment Gran Gran!! I can just see Tiffany crying... just like Huett!!

  5. she was a very whiney baby and toddler! I have a video of one Christmas day morning where she is about Sam's age (maybe a bit younger) but all she does is cries and wants to hang on to me! So Huett comes by it honestly!!