Sunday, September 18, 2011

My baby is TWO!!

My sweet angel baby is two!! I don't have a lot of time to write, but I didn't want to leave everyone that has been imploring me to blog completely out in the cold! So, here is a post about Charlie's second birthday bash! I need to "back-blog" a post about Sam's 4th birthday party in which we successfully crammed around 90 people into our house. It was insanity, but one of the funnest to date for the kids. Maybe I'll eventually get back around to that...Now, back to Charlie!
My mom strikes again with the adorable birthday themed outfits!
Of course, I had to make my signature road signs! Huett and Sam were so amazed that I actually drew them. Did I use the word drew correctly?? Is that past tense for draw because it definitely doesn't sound right. Drawed? Drewn? Whatever...
Anyway, I routinely put these at the turns in our neighborhood to light the way to the par-tay!
For some reason, my pictures get out of order here. This was the "grand entrance" as the kids were calling it. It should be after all the road signs, but clearly that didn't pan out for me. I'm not going to start over, so just work with me, people!
This is the view when you pull into the party!
Yay for big shiny balloons!!
You made it to Charlie's party once you've seen this sign! I know, I know, we need to paint the mailbox. We tried, we really did! The spray paint Mikey bought as a quick fix because we literally thought about needing to paint it the day of the party wouldn't take. It was weird. Maybe none of you would've noticed that if I hadn't pointed it out.
"X" marks the spot to the birthday party!
Spoils of War!!
These cupcakes are DIVINE and they come from good ol' Wal-Mart! The whipped icing is to. Die. FOR.
I made these myself. Easy, tasty, and a hit with the kiddos!
Balloon Arch, baby!
Second time's a charm.
I made a balloon arch the day before the party and had Mikey help me put it up early Saturday morning.
By noon, half the balloons had popped for some reason. It was about 80 degrees outside, so not too hot, but the heat is the only reason I can think of for all of the premature poppage. Thank Heavens my sister was there to replenish the arch just in time for the party, or else my grand entrance would've just been an...entrance.
The pirate ship!! This was a slide/bouncer combo! Slide for the big kids, jumpin' for the toddlers!
And plenty of surfaces for adults that choose to plank!
Charlie actually helped me open his presents this year instead of drinking a bottle during the present opening like he did last year!
I just like the colors in this picture.
Olexa's at her usual. This decoration matches Charlie's invitation perfectly!! It was absolutely delish!
Charlie's party gifts! Cute!
Charlie doesn't understand how to blow out the candles, so he got a little help from his brothers and cousin, Ava Claire!
He didn't know what to think about the "Happy Birthday" song!
This is the only "family picture" we got. As usual, it was so hectic, I forgot to make time just for that.
Charlie was attached to me almost the entire time, and didn't want anything to do with anyone else, but when he saw Ashton, he immediately got down out of my arms and ran over to him, gave him a hug, and came straight back to me! He loves Ashton! And Ashton loves him right back!
I thought this was a good picture to close with! My kids, and all my nieces and nephews...oh, and my parents!
The party was a raging success, as they usually are, but by the end, I was exhausted! Mikey was exhausted, and the kids, well, they were all asleep by 9:00 that night. Huett even fell asleep in Mikey's arms watching TV and he hasn't done that in a few years. He's 6, now, y'all!!! Can you believe that?!? Anyway, I will try to not be so absent!
We've got some exciting things going on in our lives right now, and I will try to keep everyone up to date on those!
Until next time, if you are lucky enough to have a happy, healthy family, don't take it for granted. Enjoy every minute, and love one another! These things are a gift from God!
Have a happy fall y'all!

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