Friday, June 18, 2010

Father's Day

There are a lot of things that come to mind when someone thinks of attributes a good father must have:
He must be a lover of children!
Mikey and Charlie April 2010

He must find joy in them.
Mikey and Charlie September 2010

When his children smile, so does he
Mikey and Sam September 2007

He must be a little goofy

Mikey February 2010

Willing to try things at the urging of his children Mikey April 2010

He must be a child at heart

Mikey and Sam January 2008

He must be an adventurer
Mikey and Sam June 2009

and an entertainer
Mikey and Charlie October 2010

He must also be a historian, marking his family's territory.
Mikey March 2010

He must be strong and steady

Mikey and Charlie April 2010

He must lend a helping hand
Mikey and Sam June 2009

He should be involved on every level
Sam, Mikey, and Huett November 2009

It is very important that he keep a child-like heart

Mikey September 2009

And that he always remain a willing participant for the sake of his children

Mikey October 2009

Even when he may have to sacrifice himself

Mikey June 2009

He must be villain, or superhero. Whatever the story calls for

Mikey July 2009

He must be a dedicated uncle to his childrens' cousins

Archer and Mikey June 2009
Loving his nieces and nephews as if they were his own

Mikey and Archer September 2009

No matter how many children abound

Mikey and Ava Claire March 2010
He loves each and every one,
Like. His. Own.

Mikey and Taiden April 2010

He must be a chauffeur

Huett, Sam, and Mikey February 2008
To kids, baby, paci, toys, sippie cups, or grandmothers
Whatever the need.

Mikey June 2009

He must be a coach

Huett and Sam May 2009

He must be a proud father

Mikey and Huett November 2005

He must inspire confidence, while providing protection

Mikey and Sam March 2010

He must be a good example of how his sons should behave
On and off the field.
Huett, Sam, and Mikey June 2009

He must find pleasure in the little things

Mikey and Sam September 2007

He must help his children when help is needed

Mikey and Huett April 2010

He can instill bravery in a timid son
Mikey and Huett January 2010

He must teach sportsmanship and competitive spirit
Mikey June 2010

He must remember how to have a good time amidst the stresses of being a parent

Mikey and Tiffany October 2009

Most importantly,
He must
Love. Their. Mother.
Mikey and Tiffany October 2009

Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father

Sam, Mikey, Charlie, and Huett February 2010
Happy Father's Day Mikey!
Thank You for giving me three amazing, perfect sons!
Thank you for being the dad I always knew you would be!
No doubt, it is one of the major reasons I married you, and seeing you with them everyday makes me love you even more!
...In the words of Brad Paisley, "And I thought I loved you then".


  1. Oh how sweet Tif makes me want to cry!!!

  2. Oh how sweet.. this is just beautiful!!

  3. Beautiful words and pictures. Thank you!

  4. Well Said! And love the pictures of Mikey lol!

  5. Found you at the Sullivans & saw your blog title in a it!

    Your family is beautiful--hope y'all had a great day!

  6. What a wonderful post to Mikey!! Way to go Mikey! Keep up the good work taking care of three boys and a wife!!!

  7. how sweet!! :) i just *love* this post! :)