Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tannehill 2010

So, a few weeks ago, we took the boys camping at Tannehill with my family. It was our first trip of the year, and it was a lot of fun!!
The big boys did wonderfully, and Charlie did great, too.
It was such a success, in fact, that these next two pictures are of the boys on our way home before we could even get out of the park.

Sam, as usual, was out first.

Charlie and Huett were soon to follow. That's the top of Huett's head leaned up against Charlie's! Talk about a pain in the neck. Funny how those painful-looking sleeping positions don't seem to bother them at all, and when they wake up, they are no worse for the wear.

There was a lot of mischief on this trip, and nothing captures that like this picture. He comes by it honest, considering I was voted "Most Mischievous" in my nursing school class**
**Why college graduate/adults were voting on a "who's who", I'll never understand. Other things I'll never understand: How I was voted "Most Mischievous" in the first place.
Whatever, Bevill State, Class of '04

There was a lot of playing in the creeks and streams, and in this picture, Ava Claire is ducking under one of the wooden bridges.

Cold little pigs!

Chad's family unit came to visit with us on Saturday, and Teagan had as much fun playing in the water as anybody! Taiden and Jenny were there, too, they just didn't venture out to the water!

Tannehill also has a pretty cool playground that we rode to a few times, and it was a lot of fun for the kids.

There is just something I love about walking through a stream. It takes me back to when I used to spend all day in the woods with my friend Amy, at her grandpa's land. We would literally stay gone all day. Walking through streams, riding four wheelers, playing in his barn, coming home completely covered in good, clean mud! Fun Fun!! When I was really little, I'd go with Trisha and Chad to a creek out by our old house. Chad would catch crawdads (sp?) and we would put them in our neighbors birdbath and let them fight each other to the death. Morbid? Maybe a little.

I can just imagine what our kids would get into if we were able to let them go and venture out alone like we did. Isn't it a shame that they probably won't ever know that kind of freedom because as parents, we just can't let them go like that anymore. Innocence lost, I guess.

I don't think I mentioned it on here, but I've been trying to figure out how to maximize the use of my expensive camera. I think this picture just goes to show that I'm getting better at it.
This looks professional, doesn't it?
Well, at least I think so.
Archer had a great time on our trip, too. He is just getting so big, so fast!

Charlie hung out in his stroller most of the time while the bigger kids were playing at the playground. He was just happy to be outside. The kid loves to be outside!

I can't put my finger on it, but I love this picture of Sam. He is so handsome!
It's his big brown eyes. I've got a thing for brown-eyed boys/men...and one little blue-eyed boy, too!

This is a great picture, too. He is changing so much lately. He has been eating a lot more lately, and seems to be growing like a weed. I guess it's a growth spurt! He's almost five ya'll! I can't believe it!!
In other news, Charlie has finally learned to crawl, and he keeps one leg up, and he just kind of scoots himself around the room. It's really cute. I bought him some leg warmers from Target, which have gotten mixed reviews from my family, but they really do keep the leg that he scoots around on from getting rubbed raw. It's pretty stinking cute, too.
He will be getting tubes put in sometime in July. He'll be getting them when he's ten months old, just like his biggest brother did, and for me (and Charlie) they can't come soon enough. The child's ears have been riddled with ear infection after ear infection for the past several months. Along with those ear infections comes oral antibiotics, which bring the pleasure of...and I'll just say it...diarrhea, and it is accompanied by raging diaper rash, which is sometimes worse than the ear infection in the first place! So, bring on the tubes!
In Sam news, he is still pretty basketball-centric, and Mikey and I are almost completely convinced that if we could find a 5 year old team (which is the youngest teams they have) to let him play, he would probably be schooling kids almost twice his age. He won't wear any shorts, unless they are basketball shorts. Like he refuses to wear his Old Navy and Gap cut off gym shorts that are like sweat-pants material. He looks at me like I am ridiculous and says, "Those are not basketball shorts" It's pretty funny! He is so much like Mikey, who will also only wear basketball shorts, unless it is a special occasion, and I specifically tell him to wear a shirt with actual sleeves, and shorts with an actual button!!
In even more other news, we still don't know anything about the house we are trying to get, so I guess no news is good news, in a sense. As far as I know, we still have the highest offer, so...we'll see.
Our house should go on the market this week. Chad is over there polishing off a few little touch-ups today, so once that's done, we should be in business!
I think that just about covers it. I know it's been a while since I've posted. Mikey has finals this week, so I've been helping him, and proof-reading his projects, etc. And that keeps us pretty busy! He starts his ninth and tenth classes tomorrow. Time does fly!
Intermediate Algebra starts Monday, so pray for him on that, because that is one step further than I ever had to go in college, and I'm no math whiz!
All right, that about sums it up!!
Hope to post again soon with some updated news about something...anything house related!!
PS While Perry Eye and Vision did waive the $120 fee they charged me for, I am still without any glasses or contacts. I went last week, waited 45 minutes just to pick up my glasses, which were already two weeks late, and they weren't right. So, that was on a Tuesday, she said she was going to send them back overnight for a quick adjustment, and she would call me on Thursday(b/c remember, they are closed on Wednesday). Well, it's Tuesday of the next week, and I haven't heard a word from them. I would be interested to see how long it will actually take them to contact me. I guess I'll call them day after tomorrow, when I am off work again! And still, absolutely no word on my contacts, at all! The office manager was incredibly nice and understanding, so at least that was a plus. I'll keep you posted!


  1. Another good post! All the little fellows and little gals are growing like weeds! Could you ask them to slow down(haha)! Love our little outings and so glad that we can all go and have a goodtime. Even if this trip I did get a stomach virus and felt like crap all day Sat. and Sun.!!!

  2. i think your photos look fantastic! :)