Friday, August 6, 2010

SO much to tell!!

I guess I'll do one post on the selling of our house and then another post on the buying of our new for those of you who didn't already know, you understood that correctly!! We've already sold our house and bought another. I was just scared to jinx anything by mentioning it on here until all contracts were signed, and there was no going back!!
No pictures, though, yet. Only because we closed on our new house yesterday (details to come) and I had to work today, which sucks because everyone is over there working and I'm stuck here :-(
Anyway, back to the selling of our house. As you all remember, I wrote a long detailed post about our old house, which was very near and dear to my heart. We knew (or at least I did) that when we bought that house for our first, that it would only be temporary, and we would be moving before Huett started kindergarten.
So, it was time to face the music, and get the ball rolling. And in this market, I just knew it was going to take months or even years (trust me I know people who've been trying to sell their house for YEARS, right April T.)! Anyway, we kinda put the word out...Mikey and I are pretty much open books, not embarrassed to discuss finances or money, which I know is bad etiquette, but whatever. Just doesn't bother us! Anyway, it's a good thing we did.
Our friends Cody and Whitney told us about another friend that was wanting to buy her first house, and they thought ours would be perfect.
Shortly thereafter I wrote the post on here with photos and a house description, but by this time, she had already seen the house. We showed it to one other couple, and before too long, she was back a second time, and this time she brought reinforcements with her! I took that as a good sign, and I was right!!
A week or so later, she called and wanted to buy it!
I was so happy because I do think our house is more than perfect for a first home, and great for kids! I know it will make her as happy as it's made us!
So we scheduled our closing, and the plot thickens...
Well, not really, but that sounded exciting, didn't it??
We went to our scheduled closing after thinking we had crossed all of our T's and dotted all of our I's.
Upon arrival we were shocked and surprised to find out that part of our wood inspection didn't pass. No one bothered to call and tell us that in the four days since the inspection, so we called the guy who did it, and he said it wasn't really anything, but due to the condensation from the air conditioning ducts, there was a potential for mold.
Hello, it was the END OF JULY! He came at 4:00 in the afternoon, and I'm pretty sure it was 100+ degrees outside! Of course the air conditioning ducts were sweating. That's what they do.
Anyway, he gave us no real solution for this except to put new wrap around the ducts, or have HIS COMPANY put some vents in, which I am sure they would've gotten paid a pretty penny to do!
So, long story short, the lawyer at our closing deemed that inspector uncooperative, and we were allowed to hire another inspector to come out and do the inspection.
It passed with flying colors, and after all was said and done, I talked to him (we made no mention prior to his inspection about what the previous inspection said until he had completed his) and he said he saw no sign of any issue AT ALL, and that unfortunately, some companies do that at closings because they get you caught between a rock and a hard place, and know that you will be desperate (which we were) and willing to pay THEM for whatever repairs are needed. So we rescheduled the closing for the next day, and luckily for us and her, everything closed fine!
To say that I was stressed out about this situation that was seemingly completely out of our control is an incredible understatement! Selling a house is beyond stressful!
Not to mention the fact that we, along with the people that owned the house before us, had paid yearly for an inspection that obviously was useless. I mean how can you say something didn't pass inspection when it was YOUR JOB to be inspecting it every year for the last 30 years in the first place! Don't even get me started! It passed, that's all that matters. I digress...
Anyway, the happy new homeowner is so gracious to let us remain in our house (as renters) until we get moved into our new house, which we are attempting to do at a feverish pace! Well, feverish for the last 24 hours because that's how long we've had the keys!
I'll follow up soon with a post about the unbelievable story of how the selling of this house and the buying of our new house (which was a long shot in the first place) fell together better than if I'd been able to plan it myself.
Until then, we'll be taking volunteers (ha!) and working diligently to move into our new casa!
And the boys are simply beside themselves with excitement~
I still don't think they are as excited as mommy, though!!

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