Monday, August 2, 2010

broken glass

These two

are too funny!
They play pretty well together, but occasionally they will fight over a toy. If Charlie sees Archer coming after something he's playing with, he starts shaking it in an attempt to keep Arch from snatching it away from him. They are so funny!

Sometimes Charlie will be sitting down, and Archer will come and sit right down on top of him.

Yesterday, I was holding Archer, and Charlie crawled over and pulled up to stand. He had his hand on my leg. Archer shoved Charlie's hand off of my leg. Well, when that didn't scare Charlie away, Archer shoved Charlie in the face and made him fall. (He got a little spanking for that) But the kid's got some attitude.

So imagine our reaction when we were prepping for Huett's birthday party, and we heard a loud crash from the dining room.

Arch-Man had struck again.

Mom was bummed, but on the bright side, the picture might just look better without the glass because now it doesn't have that bright glare.
I'm surprised, because out of seven SMALL grandchildren, that is the worst thing I can ever remember being broken.
Not too bad, huh?!?


  1. Sweet babies.. Poor Arch he didn't mean too!!

  2. well i can always order a new glass but like you said it looks fine without the glass. but i will probably still order a new glass for it. and yes archer and charlie are a pair. pawpaw was on lunch today and he was watching archer and charlie fight over two toys and he thought that it was to funny!!! Made his lunch trip home worth it!