Friday, July 30, 2010

hay ride

The finale of the party was the hayride. Remember this was a camping themed party.

Mikey's step-dad Gary brought the trailer, and the big strong truck, and we were off!

We had that thing packed to the brim. About 1/5 of the way into the trip, we picked up Ava Claire's new-found stray, Chocolate Puddintain (Yes, that's what she named him), and he rode all the way home sitting in Regina's lap. It was hilarious!

An awesome to end the party!
Who said Hayrides are reserved for Ho-downs and Halloween?


  1. thanks for posting on my blog! Your boys are so cute!!! three fun. They all look like such a joy. I love your descriptions of them. so sweet. see you again soon!
    Jennifer (lily and kate's mom)

  2. I like hayrides but that darn dog put a damper on my hayride fun...Sorry Ava, Mawmaw just don't care for big(or little) slobbering, drooling dogs, YUCK!! Can't wait for Charlie's big day!!