Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fifth Birthday Bash!!

Huett's big party was last weekend, and can I just say, it was better than I could've imagined!

We've planned a lot of big birthday parties for Huett over the years...there was the

Giant Water Slide, the super-hero party, and two pool parties, but this one far exceeded the others!

It's not that I didn't do as much preparation, or have as much planned for the other parties, because, God knows I did. He is just getting to be such a big boy, and he was just in his element. There wasn't a single tear shed, which is a big deal for him, especially when he is the center of attention!

The turn out was great and most of our friends and family were able to attend!

Some friends that had been meaning to attend for years but hadn't been able to for one reason or another!
My friend Brooke from work brought her son Drew, and daughter Abby. Oh, yeah...and her husband, too!

Of course, Ava Claire was there to celebrate!

(feeling okay despite having surgery that morning--relax, it was just tubes in his ears)
and his aunt Shell!

Alex and Christina (wow she looks just like her daddy)!

As you all know,the theme was camping, and there was much fun to be had inside the tents!

We had a good crowd! I'd say fifty or sixty people!

Archer roved the yard all day long, getting into a variety of different things, but still having a blast!

Harper is one of the cutest red-heads I've ever seen, but she gets some heavy competition from her big sister Henley, who is so. stinkin. pretty.(and has red hair to die for)

Oh what a pair. I can only imagine what these two will get into one day. It makes my head hurt!

Huett, and Lilly Rylan, one of his pre-school mates! She comes to all the parties, and we're glad she does! The boys were oh, so excited when she showed up. Huett really wanted his friends from school to come, and he kept asking if they were. Hopefully when he starts real school, more of his actual friends from school will be able to come because he would just be so excited about that!

This is Briley, one of my best friends from high schools little girl!
There were tons of "little kids" as Huett would call them, at the party! Let's face it, Mikey and I got a jump-start on most of our friends, so there aren't many with five year olds. Most of them are just getting started! I was still so happy to have the "little kids" there!

B-A-N-A-N-A-S! She is beyond cute to me!
Wow, I need a little girl!

Snaggle Tooth hopped a ride on Ava, the work horse! HA! Fun!

Do I sense a love connection between these two? According to her mother, she was just bossing him around the whole time. I think he was just being a gentleman!

There's me, in action! Not something you get to see very often-if ever- on here!

Alex, again!
If her and Archer got together in, oh, say thirty years,
I'd love to see how blue their kids' eyes would turn out!

Huett had such a great time at his birthday party, I'm overwhelmed just thinking about what I'll have to do to top it!
Well, I guess I better get on it because Charlie turns one September 4th!
Gotta go brainstorm some ideas for another bash!
Wish Me luck!


  1. can i just say, you left out a lot! what about the hayride, the water ballon fight, the homemade ice cream, the s'mores, the fire, the camp out...oh yeah, i forgot you and your family bailed out on the camping part! just me and mine lasted out the night in the tent. i can't believe we didn't have more pictures of the party-goers. i took the camera for awhile, and i know there were more good ones! i will expect another post really soon with more details!

  2. I agree Trish...more pictures...Michelle has some good pictures too!!And Michelle has graced your blog twice recently!

  3. There are more posts to come, you guys! Don't get your panties in a wad! I didn't want one huge post with like 100 pictures, so I broke them up into, I think, 5 different posts. Chill OUT!!

  4. Ok Tiffany! Great blog and pictures and we all did have a great time at this one heck of a great party