Thursday, July 22, 2010


So, I've always been the kinda girl who loves balloons at a birthday party. The more, the merrier! So, Huett's birthday was no exception. I bought 25 red, 25 white, and 25 blue helium quality balloons at Hobby Lobby. The morning of the party, I took them to Wal-Mart to have them blown up.
In case you didn't know, it only costs $0.25 per balloon to have them blown up, and tied, and they even provide the ribbon. That is way cheaper than the ridiculous helium tanks you buy individually from Wal-Mart for $30 that only inflate like thirty balloons.
And those tanks are so wasteful, too, because you just throw them away.
Anyway, we went to pick them up just an hour before the party started.
Like I said, I always get balloons for parties that I throw. Well, this time, right when I walked out the door of the store, a huge gust of wind blew up and the three separate bundles of balloons got completely intertwined. My plan to put some in our car and some in Mikey's aunt Michelle's car went out the window.

It was here when I realized what was going to have to happen.
Yep, this is exactly what you think it is. Mikey took one for the team (more specifically, for me), and rode in the back of the truck, holding these balloons, all the way to my parent's house.

He held the balloons tight, thinking he was hiding from the other drivers, but everybody who's anybody knows he drives that truck. So, no hiding the fact that if I'm behind the wheel, then he's behind the balloons!
The boys got a HUGE kick out of that, too!

Anyway, we were cutting it close at this point, so we dropped the boys and the balloons off at my parent's house, and that was my first mistake!

Mikey and I rushed home to change clothes.
Our game plan was to rush back to mom's, change the boys' clothes, and distribute the 75 balloons at the subdivision entrance, the mailbox, on the hayride trailer, and around the tables.
Upon arrival at moms, we rushed out of the truck to get the balloons when I was approached by my sister. She said, "You need to go talk to Sam." I was confused by her somber expression and didn't really understand what she meant. I said, "about what?" She said, "the balloons!"
Long story short, somehow, amidst all the adults that were around my parents house, Sam managed ( with Ava Claire's help I'm told) to get 75... count 'em
balloons and release them into the clear blue sky!
I was shocked...and Mikey was disgusted. But there was no time to dwell on it, so I made lemons into lemonade. After the party I told Sam, "If you wanted Papa Hill and Popeye to know about the party, we could've just sent up a few balloons, but I bet they had one big birthday party in the sky with all seventy five of Huett's birthday balloons!



  1. Well I don't think that made a damper on the party as it was a huge success!!!

  2. okay, i didn't know that mikey rode home in the back of the truck with the balloons. and, i am missing some shout outs here...i am the one who dropped off the balloons to be blown up after, picking up the cake for you! its like charlie had surgery or something that day!