Tuesday, July 27, 2010

water balloons

So, it's been a few days since I've posted, and I have good reason. Trust me, when what I've got going on right now settles down, I'll tell you all the details. Right now, though, I'm stressed, and it sucks!

Onto happier times. At Huett's party, we had one awesome water balloon fight.

I don't know where he ever heard of water balloons, but he'd been asking for them for several weeks prior to his party. So, imagine his surprise when he was introduced to an entire garbage can completely full of little water balloons!!

I absolutely love men with little girls (it doesn't take much for this sentence to head in the wrong direction, but don't let it, you perverts!) Anyway, I just love the way they are looking down at her like they are going to rush in and do whatever she's asking. Too cute!

Anyway, it didn't take long for the kids to start attacking one another!

Even the little ones got in on the action!

The more they threw out of the garbage can, the deeper they had to reach in to get them. That got pretty interesting because none of them were very tall.

Cocked, locked and ready!

Ava gave up on throwing the balloons, and resorted to crushing them over people's heads.

She had it down to a pretty exact method. And, I think she successfully soaked more people than anyone else, so she gets points for being resourceful.

Seriously, he had the best time, ever!

Sam and Huett were kinda teamed up, going after people together. It gave me a glimpse of what they are like on the playground. Every time I go to pick them up at school, they are together playing on the playground. I guess they'll stick together, and this was good proof!

Not sure who they were after, but this is a perfect example! Somebody was going down at the hands of the Hill brothers. Well, two of them at least!

I don't know who his aim was set on in this picture.

The adults all got a good laugh out of watching the kids try to attack each other!

He was coming after Mikey and me. Good thing he didn't fire that shot.

The water balloon fight was all thanks to us.

Just two solid hours of filling up and tying 100 water balloons in the 90 degree heat, at the expense of our fingernails, were totally worth it.
No doubt, this was another one of the highlights of the party!
Huett's a mean little stinker. He keeps rubbing it in Sam's face that he can't have water balloons at his birthday party because it will be too cold outside.
Oh, brother!


  1. I do believe that Huett and the rest of the children had a great time! Even all the adults. But if Sam wants water balloons at his party then I believe he should get water balloons!!

  2. I agree GranGran, Sam should have balloons too!!

  3. well, I'll just let you two be in charge of that. And responsible for all the doctor copays for when the kids all have pneumonia. ANd for filling them up when it's 40 degrees outside and you're soaking wet!