Wednesday, July 21, 2010

There's a party in my yummy so yummy!

I debated about where to get Huett's birthday cake for a while. I wanted to order locally to prevent myself from having to traipse all the way to Birmingham the day of the party. Then before I had made a decision, I found out Charlie was getting tubes in his ear on the morning of the party, so Mikey and I were all going to be in Birmingham. That's what sealed my decision!

We ordered Huett's 2nd birthday cake from Olexa's Cafe in downtown Homewood after I saw the cake in Birmingham Baby Magazine. I was told that it was the most delicious cake EVAH by numerous party attendees, so delicious, might I add, that I never got to taste it because it was gone! Well, I've also always been in charge of Ava Claire's birthday cakes (what can I say? Cute cakes are kinda my thing) so when her 2nd birthday followed in September, I ordered her cake from there. It WAS delicious, just like everyone said it would be! Anyway, the years after that, I ventured out and tried different bakeries (Charlsie's in Gardendale, Publix{I have a weakness for their whipped icing}, and Tater Jane's) and they were all great, making cute cakes (well, not Publix, so much, but Batman was what I needed and Publix had it so...) that tasted great. When I found out that we were going to be so close to Mountain Brook (he had his surgery at Children's South on Acton Road) there just was no other option!! I had to go back to Olexa's!!

The literal "icing on the cake"? They took Huett's invitations and personalized the cake to match! I knew I wanted a round cake, and I just loved how they put the decorations around the cake instead of on top!!

And the actual decorations were made of icing, too, which is another reason I love Olexa's!

Neither myself, or the boys are fond of fondant(haha!!) so I was glad to see that they could make cute detailed designs without using fondant!

Huett picked out the candles at Wal-Mart. Cute, huh? Anyway, this cake was so incredibly moist and delicious, you would swear that it had just been taken from the oven and cooled!

Olexa's specializes in the most amazing, beautiful wedding cakes. A friend of mine told me that if you lunch at Olexa's you can order a slice of wedding cake off the menu, and they bring it to you warm!! I cannot even imagine!

So, I know what some of you might be thinking. A whole post, just for the cake? Is that really necessary? Well, in my world it is. My mouth is watering just thinking about another slice of it. Maybe I should do a whole post about previous birthday cakes my sons and nieces and nephews have had...There have been some super cute ones!! I'll think about it!

More birthday posts to come!

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  1. THANKS A LOT for this post. Now MY mouth is watering.

    I propose we lunch at Olexa's one day just for a slice of cake! Maybe when the weather cools off we can take a zoo trip and do lunch at Olexa's first.

    ♥- April