Thursday, July 8, 2010

Five, seriously?!?

Well, the day has finally arrived. I can remember how distant this day seemed when he was born; how distant it seemed on his fourth birthday; alas, it is here. As always, it's bittersweet, the passing of another year! Five is just such a milestone! Pretty soon it'll be kindergarten and backpacks, homework and ballgames! We absolutely could not be more proud, or more blessed with such an intelligent, sensitive, caring first son!
So, in honor of the big day, he had cupcakes brought to him at The Ivy League!
He requested Spiderman, and I could not find any cupcake toppers to use. I had given up and told him that I was just going to do red and blue sprinkles, and he was all right with that.
After I dropped him off this morning at school, I was headed home to start making cupcakes, when, "Eureeka!" I had an idea!! I remembered back to when I painted his face like Spiderman, and thought I could do something comparable to that, but on his cupcakes! They turned out great, if I do say so myself (and I always do)!

48 strong...needless to say, my trigger finger is numb, seriously, from holding down the icing nozzle.
These are pretty awesome, aren't they?? I think I am only so excited about these because before this idea, I had all but given up on the cool Spiderman cupcakes that he wanted. And if you guys know me, I don't give up on much, so I was pretty disappointed.

Even though he knew I was coming at lunchtime with his cupcakes, he was still surprise when I peaked my head around the corner. Isn't that shirt the cutest?? Mom made it for him like lickety-split when he told her he wanted a race-car shirt to wear on his birthday! If you want to check out her website, just click here.

Of course, Sam had to get in on the action!

He was beyond excited when he saw his homemade Spiderman cupcakes!!

I got to eat lunch with them, and they all thought that was cool. I got asked a million little kid questions!

It's no wonder they come home looking like po' folks!

It's almost time for cupcakes!!

Huett is such a host...just like his mother. He wanted to personally pass out all of his own cupcakes!

They sang happy birthday in Spanish and English. He was soaking it all in.

Blow out the candles!

Now, gobble it all up! It pays to be the brother of the Birthday Boy!!

Huett sucks the icing off of the top like it's ice cream. I've never seen anyone do that!

Now, that's one happy birthday boy!
His official birthday party is tomorrow night.
Charlie is getting his tubes put in in the morning, and let me just tell you, he ain't no joke. Bless his heart, the poor kid's ears are killing him. The surgeon who will be placing his tubes said that he will suction all the infection out and that the relief will be immediate, which will be great. He is miserable, and inconsolable at times. I've never seen anything like it, well, with my kids atleast.
Anyway, I have been working at a fevered pitch trying to get everything prepared, and I know I will be out of commission tomorrow taking care of Charlie!
So, keep Charlie in your prayers. We have to be there at 6:15 in the morning!
And I'll be back with pictures of party prep pretty soon (say that five times fast)!


  1. This made me sad to see Huett growing up, I have to say I'm been crying b/c my dad just wanted to live to see Huett go to school and seeing Huett such a big boy is sad to me today.
    Huett Popeye would be so proud of you and you would have a REAL Mustang! I love you very much.

  2. In the past five years this is the happiest I have seen Huett on his birthday!! Looks like he is really is growing up!! And yes he would have a real Mustang if Popeye had anything to do with it..And driving it too lol!

  3. Yes Huett is growing into a fine young little fellow! I had told Tiffany this morning that i missed Popeye and Papa Hill being at the party! They loved Huett so much as he loved them so much! Just thankful that we all could enjoy Huett turning five! It takes all of us to make up a happy family for Huett Michael! on a different note-Tiffany, you did a great job with this party! I know that Huett was the happiest happies 5 year old last night during the celebration. His smiles in his pictures show it! And the school pictures are great-but I love the one with the biggest smile the most! Love you!