Thursday, July 15, 2010

Party Prep

So, I've been disenchanted with blogging this week, more content to stalk other people's blogs than to actually blog myself. Busy just does not cover it. Anyway, I have an array of birthday posts coming, just as soon as I can narrate all the pictures that I have uploaded. I figured party prep is an excellent place to start.

This was the food table (as if you couldn't already tell). I don't really know why I am including it, but whatever. I am.

I went a little cupcake crazy. Something came over me when I was standing in the cake mix aisle, and I was trying to decide which kind to make. I knew that I was going to be cheating on my diet that day, and I just wanted to have options, you know?!?

This was a pile of all the sweets/drinks for the party. My MIL hadn't yet delivered her portion of the party supplies, which include 80...EIGHTY hot dogs, with buns, chips and dip!
Needless to say, this party didn't end up saving us any money, which is part of the reason I wanted to have it at home. Oh well. It's the best birthday party he's ever had, and the kid's had some cool parties. He definitely had more fun at this one than any of the years prior.

I made thirty-six jars of m&ms, teddy grahams, and marshmallows as the "party gift". They turned out so cute!

They were a big hit...and tasty too. Perfect mini-smores for a bunch of preschoolers!
Will be back soon with some more pictures of the actual party!
(if life grants me the time to blog)!

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  1. You are SO crafty!! I LOVE it all : ) You can throw my bday party in a couple of weeks if you want : ) But only if you make cute party favors such as these, ha! Can't wait to see the other pics!