Thursday, July 29, 2010


These are some pictures of Huett's party presents!

He got a ton, as usual. Many of which are still being dispersed to this day.

His Maw Maw, Gary, and his Aunt Shell bought him a Mustang Convertible. He asked for it months ago, and knew it was coming for his birthday. I guess he forgot b/c when he opened his eyes and saw it, he was so excited that he got embarassed. He came and laid his head down on me, and I told him he needed to go hug them, because they are the ones that bought it for him.

He immediatly got in the driver's seat, and we piled the other boys in.

He just kept wanting to kiss all of us. It was so funny! That's not the reaction I was expecting. When he got down out of my lap, he went up to Sam and did the same thing he is doing to Charlie in this picture.

It's like he was excited for all of them, not just himself.

Such a good big brother!

Charlie was loving the sweet ride!

Isn't that a sweet ride?
Yet another pinnacle moment of this five year old's birthday!


  1. Huett is such a sweet and loving little boy!! In fact all three of them are!!

  2. Thats the sweetest thing, I'll bet he is a great big brother !!