Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Something to warm you!

I've been holding on to these beach pictures for no good reason but today, for your viewing pleasure on these cool fall days, pictures of our warm fun in the sun!

We did a lot of burying in the sand.

My dad's a bigger kid than the kids themselves.

Now we can see where those blue eyes come from.

Mikey and ham-bone! Isn't my husband delicious?

Huett's time in the sand is always a little more subdued.



Sam stayed true to his goggles almost the whole trip, despite the fact that they pushed down on his eyes like this all day.

I love the colors in these pictures!

One of the few times that I actually grace my own blog, and in a bathing suit no less. Blech!

Nap time for Archer Blaine. Look at his pout. So kissable! Oh, and Gran Gran, too!

Charlie was not a fan of this too much. He just likes the plain old pool right now. I'm sure if he could walk, it would be different.

Pretty girl! She ran the show on this trip...in fact, she IS a trip!

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  1. Can we go back like tomorrow? Great pics but of course the ones in the pictures are what makes it so great!