Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Merry Christmas!

There seems to be a recurring theme of me apologizing for the blogging absence at the start of every post these days...Sorry! Such is the life of a mom of three little boys (four if you count Mikey...and just between you and me, you should definitely count him, but that should just be our little secret).
Anyway, I devised a plan to force myself into getting my Christmas decorations up first thing this holiday season by throwing our first-annual Christmas Kick-off Party the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I knew that if I was expecting company, I'd get it done. Nothing gets me moving like a deadline. Anyway, I started decorating about a week and a half before Thanksgiving (if you are one of those people who think that cheats Thanksgiving, get over it). Anyway, like I said a million times, if it takes me two weeks to get everything done (because I am still constantly having to tend to the children in the midst of decorating) then if I wait 'til after Thanksgiving, I'll only have it all up for about two weeks total and that just isn't worth it. I need to be able to enjoy it fully for at least an entire month, so that is my motivation behind starting the decorating so early.
This is THE HOUSE that you've all heard so much about! And, don't worry, we didn't put the lights up outside the house until after Thanksgiving.

These pictures make me so happy!!

I do get a little carried away with the Christmas decorating, but I just love it so much!
I even went so far as to wrap the faux candles on our dining room candelabra. It was super easy, cheap, and is beyond cute. Well, at least I think so.

Here is my dining room table. I threw this together about 1 hour before the party started Saturday night, and funny enough, it turned out to be one of my favorite things in the entire house!

This new house is full of stairs (much to the dismay of my mother-in-law, right Regina, lol). Anyway, they may be tedious from time to time (although they don't really bother me because the houses I grew up in all had staircases in them so carrying laundry, etc., up and down the stairs "ain't no thang") but they are so beautiful! Especially when adorned with Christmas garland and lights. The wrapping of the staircases prompted several people at our party to ask me how long I'd been decorating for Christmas. Of course I told them I threw it all together the day after Thanksgiving because I'm awesome like that...yeah right.
It was my party, I can lie if I want to.
The party was awesome, too, so it will definitely be a tradition that will be kept up every Saturday after Thanksgiving, hopefully. So, if you missed it this year, make plans to attend next year!

Moving on...this is my homemade (by my mom) tree topper! I love it! I am searching out a few more things to stick out of it, but I still like it as is.

And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care... and yes, I know Charlie's name isn't on his yet. We are still not sure how we are going to fit his whole name on the top of his stocking. My mom hand-crocheted these stockings and my mom, dad, brother and sister had our own for as long as I can remember growing up. I just had to continue the tradition, as it is one of the most important ones from my own personal childhood.

Moving on outside, you'll notice our Auburn flag is still flying high! And it will be until the Tigers win the National Championship in January, so no Christmas flag for me this year.

This wreath is one of my fave decorations. I just love the square shape! I won it in dirty Santa a few years back and it is definitely the best dirty Santa gift I've ever been lucky enough to capture. Thanks, Aunt Camie.

Another wrapped staircase. Wrapping the garland around the banisters was very time consuming, but well worth it, I think!

Here is the house all lit up at night! We are business on the outside (white lights), party on the inside(colored lights). I hope that maybe next year we'll add some lights to the eaves and porch roof.
I did this post to
1. show off my Christmas decorations,
2. satisfy those few who are demanding that I post again
3. to document our first Christmas in our new house.
So, I think I've accomplished that.
Onto other business...
We had our first ever family pictures made by a "for real", legit photographer. I am expecting them back any day and am really excited.
Check out her website here.
Also, I have been working feverishly to get my Christmas cards out. I'm pretty pumped about them. Trust me, they will NOT disappoint.
I haven't mentioned it on here, but I am a huge Garth Brooks fan. I went to a Garth Brooks concert when I was in the fifth grade with my best friend Amy and her mom Gina, and despite that fact that I was probably ten years old, I still remember that concert vividly. I've been to lots and lots of different concerts, and to this day, that one is still the best, bar none!
Garth like NEVER tours anymore so I'd all but given up on Mikey and I getting to see him in concert until we were old. Then came the great Nashville flood of 2010!
Because he is so awesome, Garth and his wife...a little lady you might have heard of, TRISHA YEARWOOD...are putting on an eight show charity concert and Mikey and I have tickets! We are on the third row of the lower level, like right by the stage. We are counting down the days! We are treating ourselves to this because it will apparently be a once in a lifetime opportunity, but not only that. It will have a tri-fold purpose. It will be our Christmas gift to each other, it will be his 29th birthday present which is January 31st, and it will serve as our 6 year anniversary trip which is January 29th! Talk about getting our money's worth!!
Well, that about covers it for now.
Oh, the boys are doing great, too.
Huett, Ava Claire, and Sam are playing in Sumiton Christian's basketball league and they are doing awesome.
Charlie is walking around now and says a few words like night night, bye bye, da da, ma ma, and Trisha.
The boys are doing well in school, and I'm still moving to the operating room in January!
Hopefully I'll post again before the new year, but no promises!
Happy Christmas everyone!!


  1. well baby girl another great blog! And I'm so glad that you are keeping the stockings that I crocheted some 30 years ago!!! Love you bunches and I will figure out something for Chalrie's stocking!

  2. YAY a new post :) ha. I love the new house! Great Christmas decorating too!! ~ Brittany