Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Randomness!

First off, I just wanted to wish everyone a very merry Christmas!

I've been off work for 8 days, and on the day I was supposed to go back, they put me on call. No complaints on my end, though. Hmm...seems like maybe they are as ready to get rid of me as I am to leave. Totally kidding! I really am going to miss all my work friends.
Anyway, in other news, I've been home with all three boys all day. My mother-in-law stayed the night last night because she was going to keep the boys all day today, but when I found out I didn't have to work, we just decided to clean! We got it all done (expect the bathrooms, which is Mikey's area of expertise, I figure, he wanted three sons, so he can clean up after said sons). Anyway, we are hosting my dad's entire family the day after Christmas which is pretty huge (think one nana, four brothers, all their wives, 11 grand kids including significant others, and 10 great grand kids), and also Mikey's family on Christmas Eve so I'm trying to clean EVERY bathroom instead of just the downstairs one because I'm sure that at some point, they will all be in use (hopefully just for some thorough hand washing, lol). Anyway, we vacuumed all the floors, mopped, dusted, put up laundry, cleaned counter tops...and cleaned soot off the fireplace and stockings...don't ask.
It's looking really good! Turns out I needed this day off just to get things done because the rest of our week is packed full!
On to more excitement. Isn't our Christmas card to die for? And please don't think I'm bragging. Seriously, I made the card on Shutterfly, all I did was drag and click. And while I did take the picture, I stole that idea from someone else's blog, too. But still, isn't it cute? I could look at it all day! I love rear view pictures.
While I type, Charlie is glued to Dino Dan...anyone seen that yet? It's a nice departure from the regular cartoon mediocrity that we are used to around here. He's been watching it for like an hour now. Huett and Sam never watched TV at that age. I know, I know...TV before age two is looked down upon, but if that's what it takes to get a moment's peace around here, then so be it. I may be worst mother of the year to some, but I am mother of the year to him ;-) Meanwhile Huett and Sam are playing some sort of pretend and I just heard Huett tell Sam that he was going to take him to Stix for lunch. That's my boy. Also, pretty sure Charlie needs a diaper change...
ponder that while I take a diaper break.
Okay, I'm back.
In Santa news. Huett and Sam have been asking for costumes from Santa for quite some time now, and lucky for them, Santa has obliged. Under our tree (on Christmas Eve b/c I have to work on Christmas day) will be a Dash (from the Incredibles) and a Batman costume, complete with superhero gloves, and boots. Granted the boots cost more than the costumes themselves, but it is those boots that will put my boys over the edge. They may stroke out when they see them, and I am confident that they will be wearing these costumes until they go back to school January 4th.
Well, I guess that about wraps it up. As soon as I give out our Christmas gifts, I will post the proofs of our first professional photo session ( I have to wait 'til then because the pictures are the gifts, duh). We didn't necessarily knock it out of the park with a whole family picture ( what do you expect, it was fuh-reezing, and there were 3 small boys which doesn't really bode well for nice photogenic pictures. We got several good ones, but there was just a little something wrong in each one and I'm too much of a perfectionist for my own good), but their individual pictures, and the pic of them together are b-e-a-utiful! My boys know how to work the camera, what can I say?!? We just got a taste because the photographer is backed up b/c she's so busy, but she rushed me a great one of each boy, and then one awesome one of them all together. Of course I'll include the ones of us all together too b/c they are still really good, but i know everyone will love the other the most!
I told the photographer that our next session would definitely be in the summer or fall. I think that will be even better!
Merry Christmas everyone!
I hope that our blessings (and yours) will continue!
Thank you lord for a happy family, our health, and our home!

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