Sunday, January 20, 2013

Crazy Eight!

We are alive and well!  These pictures are proof of that!
Mikey and I are headed for our 8th wedding anniversary in just a few weeks!  Looking at these pictures makes me realize just how much our little family has accomplished in that short span of time!

I mean look at these handsome little boys we've been blessed with!  Spending every day with them is wonderful!  They are so smart and funny and entertaining!

Time flies by so quickly that we have to pick and choose what to focus our time on.  Some of the things that are left behind more often than not:  housework, laundry, dishes, personal hygiene. 
Totally kidding on the personal hygiene!  I had you there for a second!

Huett is seven years old and he FINALLY lost his first tooth!  It was on the bottom, left side and you can see it in this picture if you look closely!  Huett is thriving at school and his untainted behavior record continues. His teacher told me that if she ever has to leave the room, but has something she doesn't want the students to get into, she can put it at Huett's desk because she knows that he will not mess with it no matter how curious he might be!  He's my little rule-follower!  He played fall baseball which was a blast, and he is playing basketball right now.  He is also in Boy Scouts which he seems to enjoy! Busy Busy Busy little boys make for busy parents!  And grandparents!

Sambo was 5 when this picture was made, but has since turned 6.  His teachers love him, heck, apparently everyone loves him!  His 4-K teacher told me, my mom, and a friend of mine, on three separate occasions, that if she ever had a son she would've hoped he would be just like Sam.  She said he is just the sweetest, kindest boy with just the right amount of little boy spirit.  His 5-K teacher, at Open House told us, and I quote, "Sam is quite the man about town."  I replied, "Yes, I have heard that a few little girls like him."  She said, "Oh, it's not just the girls, it's the boys, too!  They fight over him in class, they fight over who gets to sit with him at lunch!  They are always out for Sam's attention!"  I can't count on two hands the number of mom's who have come up to me telling me that their kids are always talking about Sam at home!  Little girls are always wanting to have their picture made with him at the parties!  His kindergarten teacher summed it up by saying that he is just a really good friend.  I pray he keeps his confidence (because Lord knows, he's got plenty of it), and I pray he keeps his kind heartedness that has brought him so much friendship thus far.
Oh, Charlie... Charlie, Charlie, Charlie... 
This cute little stinker is a mess, really.  He can be the absolute sweetest thing and he really does hold my heart.  But on the other side of his personality is a stubborn, tempermental, easily-angered little cuss.  There was a year or two there where that angry little cuss was about all we ever saw out of him, but since he started school in the fall last year, I think he has started changing.  His fits are becoming fewer and farther in between, thankfully!  I mean he is so stinking cute that it's hard to get mad at him when he paints himself and the carpet with hot pink fingernail polish, or when he has an accident in  his underwear for the 100th time in a row, so luckily he isn't in as much trouble recently.  He is so excited about starting t-ball in the spring so he can finally get in on the action and off of the bleachers where he's been with me for the past several baseball seasons!

These little guys are where it's at, I tell ya! 
I can't imagine a life without any one of them. 
I also can't imagine life WITH one more of them, either!  Three is enough. 
Unless there's a little girl to be had, in which case I'm totally willing to make an exception =)

What else can I tell you? 
It's been 8 years...
We are still in love. We still have fun. We still laugh at each other on a daily basis.
We are two halves of an amazing team who is far from perfect (no, really), but we are still making it work day in and day out!
I'm thankful...I'm blessed...I'm happy...
They're silly...They're smart...They're amazing...They're our blessings...
And they make everything else worth it 1,000 times over!

I don't go into these posts intending to be so cheesy and gushy, but I mean when I look at my family, it's impossible not to feel that way! Sigh.

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