Sunday, January 20, 2013

Two by Two!

Not too long after VBS at church, the boys came to us saying they wanted to ask Jesus to live in their hearts so that they could go to Heaven one day (never underestimate the power of VBS in the lives of our children).  Mikey and I led them in the sinner's prayer, and a month later, our oldest two sons were baptized!  Our families were, of course, in attendance.  They were able to capture these great pictures for us! 

We go to Highpoint Community Church and their baptism services are quite different from ones I have gone to at any other church!

It's more like a pep rally!  They announce the person who is going to be baptized and then the whole crowd cheers!  There is exciting music playing.  It's really a huge celebration of what baptism stands for, and my whole family enjoyed it!
Sam is 5 in these pictures, and if Huett isn't seven yet, he's very very close!

Sam was going to be sure to be prepared for his dip into the water! 
He wouldn't take his hand down the entire time, and the crowd got a big kick out of it!
In he goes!
Now it's Huett's turn!
He was a little more reserved than Sam, as usual!  Look at Sambo grinning in the background!
Huett was taking in every word!
Huett's turn to go under!
All done! We were so proud of them!

This is a milestone in the life of any person, and I'm very thankful that my two oldest sons got to experience it together while their daddy and I were standing with them!  That is two answered prayers!

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