Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sam's birthday came and went without a hitch...I was really hesitant about having his party at Froggy's because it seemed so generic. I like to think of unique and new things for their birthdays, but he insisted on Froggy' make matters worse, he wanted a batman cake. No respectable pastry chef makes a batman cake like he wanted, so I was forced to go with Publix(which turned out to be one of the best tasting cakes I have ever purchased, but I digress). My creativity was feeling really stifled.
I took it upon myself to branch out a little when it came to his birthday party at The Ivy League, where he goes to preschool. I always have to make things complicated...

So, I started basic...seems so plain and simple from here...

This is where we start to spice it up...

I had but my doubts about where to go next, but Charlie convinced me we were on the right path and that with him on board, we couldn't go wrong.

I divided 2 boxes of cake mix into 4 separate mixing bowls.

Then added color. I added way more than the box called for, but I wanted it to be really bright. And it had no effect on the finished product, so no problems there!

This is where the fun began...

I layered the different colors in. I used a medicine dropper to make the letters. I know what you're thinking...aren't you going to just ice right over the letters? Well, yes but if the other preschoolers are anything like mine, they will lick all of the icing off first.

I was able to get pretty creative with it and it was a lot of (messy) fun!

the aforementioned mess...

This is a picture of the finished product...kinda neat huh?

This is the center of one of the cupcakes. Festive huh?? The letters and shapes didn't really turn out, so if you decide to make these on your own, don't waste your time with all that unless you just want to do it for fun. The kids thought it was great. With 3 boys, I have a feeling I am going to get fewer and fewer chances to "snazz up" their parties in the future but I will just sneak it in where I can. It was a big hit with their classmates as well!

Ava Claire was my little helper...bottom line,
Kid tested...Mom approved.
I will be making these again in the future!
Happy Baking!

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  1. Cute!! I didn't realize my daughter-in-law was such a whiz in the cake decorating business!!Maybe you need to hang up your nursing license and open up your own bakery!!