Saturday, April 10, 2010

ava kneivel

In a moment of temporary insanity, my dad and husband suited Ava Claire up in her bicycle helmet and radio-flyer tricycle and put her at the top of mom and dad's driveway and let her fly down their driveway and across the street into the neighbor's yard.

I bet she was going atleast 20 mph.
Crazy, right?

She is completely fearless, and this is a trait I am glad my sons don't have. Neither of them even considered trying it from the top. Sam tried it from the bottom of the driveway and he still freaked out.

Her she is as she passes into the neighbors yard. And yes, she is airborn. Mikey was there cheering her on.

Here she is, ready to do it again.

Don't worry, after Trisha saw her do it just once,
she forbid them to ever let her do that again. So these pictures are the only proof we'll ever have that this ever happened.
Let's all hope Ava Claire develops atleast some sense of fear in the near future
if for nothing more than our peace of mind.


  1. I helped at putting a stop to this crazy action. I was frantic when I saw what was happening. But yes, Ava loved every minute of it.

  2. Mikey would have never let Sam or Huett attempt to do this!!

  3. I agree with you MaMaw!!! Its like the old commercial about Let Mikey eat it he will eat anything-well let Ava do it she will do anything!! I can't believe they even thought it was funny and fun to watch. she could have really gotten hurt. I have to watch Tim and Mikey and Ava!!!!