Monday, April 19, 2010

Noccalula Falls

In mid-March, we headed to Gadsden to celebrate one of Mikey's aunt's birthdays! We ate Mexican, which was yummy, and then we headed to Noccalula Falls!
Unfortunately, we got there right as the park closed (5PM on a sunny spring Saturday?? whaaa??) I did, however, manage to snap some great pictures of the big boys as we crossed over the waterfall, and at a nearby park!

I am having a serious internal debate about whether I should spend the $$ to buy a photo editing program(that I actually understand b/c Adobe Photoshop, I don't get) b/c the one I like lets you sample what you could do, and I love what I did with these pictures! Which you couldn't see on here! It's Flickr and Picnik by the way!

When Trisha saw this picture, she said, " We are going to have to beat girls off him with a stick. What are we going to do?" I have to say I agree and am appropriately worried!

This apparatus was pretty cool! It spun around and he looked like he was flying!


Climbing the ladder.


Another feeble attempt at a decent family picture. Atleast the waterfall was flowing wonderfully!

There were people walking around behind the waterfall and all near the water's edge! We must try that next time!

This was right where the Indian princess jumped from. So tragic. The stuff of legends!

Huett was throwing rocks over the waters edge for quite a while!

He kept looking for just the right ones to throw over the edge!

All in all, we had a blast! Can't wait to go back when we can spend the whole day!
If anybody has any recommendations about the photo editing thing, I'd appreciate any insight...


  1. Beat them off with a stick! That's an understatement! You think your worried.. I have been down this road before. These are Mikey Hill's boys we are dealing with and yes you should you be worried!!(kidding).Great pictures!!

  2. Yes, these boys are so handsome. Have fun with that.....and those family pics can be a little tricky! We might have a total of 3 since Harper was born....pathetic.

  3. You will have to worry about more girls that just with Huett because Sam and Charlie are going to be so handsome as Huett will be! Oh the fun of having 3 handsome teenage boys!!!!!!!!!