Sunday, April 11, 2010


Julia Sugarbaker, the matriarch of the Sugarbakers Interior Design Firm, based out of Atlanta has died this past weekend.
She is survived by her husband Reese Watson, who was often out of the picture as much as he was in and was famously not fond of camping.
She is also survived by her sister Suzanne, former Miss Georgia World, her pet pig Noel, and her illegal immigrant maid Consuela.
Also survived by Mary Jo and her husband J.D.,
Charlene and her husband Bill, airforce pilot, and their daughter Olivia,
Eventual lawyer, previous handy-man, Anthony Bouvier and his whimsical showgirl wife Etienne, and last but not least,
She was preceded in death by Bernice, the goofy senior citizen who frequented the office.

rest in peace Julia, at the big design house in the sky.
May your drapes always be beautiful, may your sofa match just so, and may your baby grand piano always be playing "Georgia on my Mind".

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  1. i just wiped a tear away! that really brings back some memories.