Thursday, September 23, 2010

Charlie's first birthday!

This past weekend, we threw our baby boy his first birthday party!

It was at our new house, so we had to make signs to tell all of our friends and family how to get there!

Mikey was my assistant while hanging the signs!

The big boys thought that was really cool!

Party prep was really hectic because the painters finished about 24 hours before the party was going to start .

We pulled it together, though, just in time! Sweet Taiden came! Could she be any more roly poly?!?

I love it!

Briley makes another appearance at one of the Hill boy's birthday parties!

Taiden...again...I just couldn't resist!

Our theme was obviously Auburn football, so what is more appropriate than a tiger bounce house!

I climbed in it with Charlie so he could try it out. He wasn't really sure about it because there were lots of his brothers' friends jumping in there, but he managed to crawl himself out!

Love him!! He is so handsome!

Get me Maw Maw!

Sweet pic! Notice how Charlie's sucking his top lip in.

He keeps making that funny face lately. It cracks me up!


Cousins at play!

Dee-wicious birthday cake (as Huett and Sam would say)

Once again, Olexa's in Mountain Brook!

Mikey and my dad had a top priority the day of the Mikey a new big screen so all the guys could watch the game during the party! Success!

Don't worry, they didn't stay all holed up in there the entire party.

Just when Auburn went into overtime, but came out with a WIN!!

It's cake time!

Let the fun begin!

Singing Happy Birthday!


Mommy want a taste?

His brothers were there to help him out!

And he wanted to feed them, too.

Slowly but surely, until...

Mikey gave him his first drink of Dr. Pepper. Obviously he is just like his daddy and brothers. He loved it and screamed everytime Mikey took it away from him. That was pretty much the end of the cake.

Five minutes later, it was time for presents, and all Charlie wanted was a bottle, so his bro's helped him open his presents.

His favorite present was a Toy Story riding thing that he can sit on and be pushed around, and his fat belly looked so cute on it!I mean, who knew a baby's belly could get so big ?!?
So sweet!
He had a great party, even if it was two weeks late!!
Happy first birthday Charlie!


  1. AW!!!! He is SO stinkin precious : ) And the house looks beautiful!

  2. Happy Birthday Charlie!! We love you so much!!!