Sunday, September 26, 2010

pretty beach pics

On our annual beach trip, we took some photos at dusk (with the help of my mother)!
Some turned out great, some notsomuch. I posted my faves on here for your viewing pleasure!

None of these were going too well...
Charlie was not a fan of the sand, just like his biggest brother.

The pictures I took unplanned seemed to turn out the best.

I adore this picture of Mikey and Archer!

Ava looks like a vampire who just stepped out into the sun (for all your Twilight fans, you know what I'm talking about).
She had a fine layer of sand covering her!

I love Archer Blaine so much!
He is going to be such a big (handsome, laid-back, lovable) boy one day!

Can I just tell you Sam has all the girls in his class excited about him, which has me a little worried!
His teacher said she is going to have to split him up from her daughter because they won't stop talking, and another little girl told her grandmother that when she grows up she wants to be a cheerleader, and she's going to cheer for Sam!

I am in love with this picture! He is such a beautiful child (even if I am a little partial).
It's easy for me to take such pretty pictures when I'm given such easy subjects!

I love this one and the next one!

My boys!

And me!


  1. Poor Charlie and the sand. love the blog! Such a beautiful family you and Mikey has...

  2. The first few pics make it look like you just stepped into a black-and-white world. Heh, that's pretty cool. It seems like you guys had fun out there in the beach. It's a fun place for the family, no doubt about it.