Thursday, September 30, 2010

lazy morning at the beach!!

We woke up pretty early, every morning at the beach, thanks to Archer. One morning, everyone left but us, so we relaxed for a little while (or tried to).

You can see Charlie licking his gums here. He had a tooth that was just about to pop through.
Yes, he was 12 and a half months old before he cut his first tooth! So was Huett. Sam was almost 10 months old before he had any. It always freaks me out when I see a six month old with a mouth full of teeth because I've never had a child with teeth when they were little babies! Everyone tells me that it's good to teethe late, so I hope they're right!


Lazy, too!

This picture was taken after a long morning at the beach!
Paw Paw, Sam, and most importantly, Baby (Sam's stuffed elephant lovey).

Charlie was trying to wake Mikey up.
There wasn't much relaxation to be found on our beach trip, but we tried to get it where we could!
I know one day we'll probably have to beg the kids to take a trip to the beach with us, so we just enjoy it while we can!

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  1. funny about the teeth... Jase was 15 MONTHS OLD when his first tooth came in, and we were AT THE BEACH!