Monday, September 6, 2010

Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy

Trisha, that title was for you!
Can I just say that some newly imposed internet censorship at work has really put a cramp in my blogging style. I am hoping that it is just a glitch in the system, but I'm not so sure that it isn't a permanent change (insert frowny face here).
And just to keep it real, I cannot wrap my head around squeezing one more second out of my packed full days at home to sit down and organize a well-written, witty, thoughtful, entertaining post. What with three young sons, preschool, both Mikey and I working full time jobs ( with MUCH recent overtime for the both of us...insert stressed out face here), Mikey in school online full-time, a new house, new bills, blah blah blah, I guess this blog is the one thing that gives, unfortunately.
That's not to say that I'm done blogging, but without being able to do it during my downtime at work (which there hasn't been much of recently anyway due to UAB housing it's very own baby-boom) I am just struggling to feel inspired to write.
Anyway, I just wanted you all to know what was up.
I am constantly trying to keep up with everything. Charlie turned one Saturday and I haven't even planned a party for him yet (well I started on the invitations today), but that is so not like me.
Honestly, there just aren't enough minutes in the day and I beat myself up about it enough without anyone else reminding me of my shortcomings.
I really don't think people can understand all the things I have on my plate. I, I know so much is riding on me that sometimes I just want to climb into bed and forget about it all. Well, not the kids, but the other things, you know. I'm not complaining or asking for sympathy, I just needed to put this out there. I feel like people expect so much out of me, and sometimes that pressure is just too much. Whether I have forgotten some of their school stuff (Huett turned in an assignment a day late), failed to schedule doctors visits (Charlie is one and still hasn't had his 9 month or 12 month checkup..good thing he's not in daycare), felt over tired at work, or don't have our new house in perfect order like I want it just yet, it just wears on you. Such is life. I try to schedule things, but in the last month, I just honestly have not had one. single. day. where I've sat at home. Granted the catalyst for this started with the purchase of our new house, and the all-encompassing move. On top of that, add Mikey and I both working more overtime in the last month that either of us has in years, and it makes for some overwhelming circumstances.
I told Mikey last night that life goes in cycles and right now we are just on a down-swing. Our upswing is coming, Thank GOD we get along because marriage troubles would probably send me right over the edge. It's nice to have a partner in all this! We should all pray for the people who have to go it alone. They are, no doubt, stronger than I will hopefully ever have to be
(read: Trisha)
Anyway, this time next month, life should be back to normal. Apparently the transition from one house to the next is always overwhelming and more expensive than one had planned. Live and learn, I guess. Also, mandatory overtime ends next week (I am working 12 hour shifts Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week lord, help me) and this weekend we are going to the beach (on our good looks and the good will of my parents, I guess) so that will no doubt lift my spirits as the boys excitement is at maximum capacity.
Oh, I feel better getting these thoughts out and into the blogosphere.
Just disregard everything you just read as that was more for me than for any of you reading this. Sometimes I just need to vent, and justify my feelings by writing them out.
We are still blessed beyond our wildest imaginations with three fantastic, interesting, funny, entertaining (and unimaginably handsome)sons, our dream house (which we got a dream deal on), good jobs, a great marriage, fabulous FALL weather knocking down our door, football, and fun in our forecast!
Now if I can just get good ol' UAB to rethink their internet restrictions, I could get back in the blogging ballgame for real, ha!


  1. Tiffany, slow down and take a deep breath!! Now you should feel better. Yes I have to say that you have alot on your plate but the plate will not always be so full. So just suck it up and deal with it and know that things will settle down somewhat after you get your house all in order. I'm sure your not the first nor last mother to miss a childs first homework assignment. So don't beat yourself up for it. Now i didn't realize that charlie had nt had his 9 month check up. I could have handled that one for you. If you need to make an appoinment and you can't take him then i will be glad to. don't think that you have to do everything on your own because you have lots of help. Is it possible that maybe mikey could layout a semester in college until everything settles down? this may not be possible but i'm sure alot of your time is his school work. so that might help your stress level. just a thought. once you start online college you might not can take a semester off. And yes the good Lord has blessed you and Mikey unmeasurable. But he also has blessed Huett, Sam and Charlie with wonderful parents that are trying to raise 3 boys to the best of their ability. Just keep up the good work and always thank God for what he has given you and never forget it!! Love you bunches!!!!!!!

  2. Girl, I often sit and wonder what adding another child to our life would do, I can't imagine 2 more. Your doing a great job ! Keep up the good fight :) Enjoy your beach trip !!! I do alot of blogging at work too, shhhhh don't tell anybody :) That stinks they have blocked it, BOOOOO !!