Friday, September 18, 2009

The woombie...AKA sanity-saver!

I thought that I had seen it all when it came to newborn sleep-aids/swaddlers. I swaddled Sam for as long as I could when he was a baby and he loved it, but Charlie and Huett did not. So with Huett, we suffered through, but got over it. Some friends of ours, Christian and Christina welcomed a sweet baby girl, Alex, around 5 months ago and their pediatrician recommended this new-fangled contraption called the "WOOMBIE". In a traditional swaddle, the arms are down by the side, which Charlie hates. It makes him really mad. The woombie, however, allows him to move his arms around, without being able to hit himself in the face or startle himself. He is a much quieter sleeper the last 2 nights and has been sleeping for 4 hour stretches as opposed to 2 or 2& 1/2 hours. We borrowed theirs just to try it out and it looks like we are going to be buying some of our own. Let me just say, I recommend it and really thankful to have stumbled upon this little treasure! Thanks Christina!!

It also unzips from the bottom so for late night diaper changes, you can keep the arms swaddled and just let the legs out, then zip it right up for quick and easy diaper changes.

I love it!!!