Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kidsmarket Spring 2010

I can't believe I haven't even mentioned all of my "steals" from the Spring consignment season of 2010. Geez, that last sentence makes me seem like such a fanatic. I can't rightly say that it would be an incorrect assumption!

This is all of the stuff I bought at Kidsmarket
and at the sale at Mount Vernon United Methodist Church in Gardendale!

I bought this $160 highchair for $60 and I swear it looks like it's never been used! It matches our kitchen table and chairs almost perfectly.

Our table is counter-height (that's just a fancy name for those tables that are taller than normal ones) and this reaches right up to it, and the wood stains are almost identical!

I got one of these outfits at each sale! These are Zack and Ali brand hand-knitted outfits! Charlie's "coming home from the hospital" was that brand and we (well, my mom) bought it from Jack and Jill in downtown Homewood. It was $70+ dollars for his newborn outfit. That's how I know these outfits had to be around $50 originally! I got one for $10 and one for $15!! They are so cute on him, and I have gotten tons of compliments already!

This is a smorgasbord of my fave buys for Charlie!

This Old Navy bathing suit is brand new and it was $10 for shorts and shorts!

I got an array of Polo outfits and they were all less that $10. In case you haven't priced children's Polo clothes lately, they are really expensive, but they hold up wonderfully. So, that's quite a bargain!

I love the colors in this shirt! And then they had the Polo shorts to match it!

Same thing in this picture. And the pink shirt still had the tags on it!

Now on to some of the big boys buys (they are in the same size clothes, so they share a closet, and everything that goes into that closet!

This cute GAP bathing suit and matching T-shirt were like $8!! It can be worn as a regular outfit as well!

This outfit is so cute on them! The shorts are really long and they look cool in their flip flops!

Matching cut off sweats and muscle shirts!

Love it!

2 color coordinated Gap T-shirts $10.00

Ralph Lauren swimsuit: $8.00

2 pairs of Ralph Lauren pants(blue and white)
1 pair of plaid GAP pants
all around $10.00 a piece

Brand new shiny basketball outfits (as Sam likes to call them)

Basketball outfit with tags on it for Huett
Regular $39.99

2 big boy Polo shirts $8.00 each

Clothes in action!

It feels so good knowing all the money I've saved!

Clothes in real action!
All in all, I spent around $600.00 for all of their summer clothes (that's about $200 a piece)
If I had bought all of these clothes brand new it would have been atleast $2000, so I saved atleast %70 if not more!
Go me! Go me! Also, thanks again to my wonderful husband for spending the night in the parking lot to reserve my place in the front of the line!!


  1. You found some great stuff! You are a good "boy mom," to dress them like boys! Brandon is probably sad he didn't get a wife a little more like you. I still try to sneak in the girly stuff every once in a while.

  2. Well you did get alot of good buys! That is what a great mom is all about!!! Finding steals where you can!!