Tuesday, May 18, 2010


A few weeks ago, Mikey and I took the boys to the zoo. It was on this day that we got our first glimpse at the fun the future holds for us with three sons. This was, I think, the first time we ventured out alone since Charlie was born(besides Wal-mart, church, and maybe Jack's, I mean we couldn't let Charlie keep us from Jack's). It was actually a beautiful day. We were both pleasantly surprised by how peaceful it went. All three boys had a great time. Huett and Sam got to play in the water fountains, and we got to see lots of fun animals! Also, of course, the standard zoo train ride!

The two boys in this picture can only be referred to as

cool cat daddios!

Upon arrival, we had to stop at the gift shop and buy the boys these sunglasses because they were squinting terribly on the walk in from the parking lot! Also bought: a "spyscope" which you see in Huett's hands, and a "magic wand" AKA a clear baton filled with water and glitter for Sam!

A nice passerby offered to take our picture in front of this lovely bamboo forest. She just so happened to have a camera identical to mine! Thanks lady, if you're out there!

Note to self:

Stop bending down in all the family pictures. It is neither flattering or necessary! No one ever said you have to be level with your kids for pictures. Everyone knows you are taller than them, as you should be.

Charlie (accidentally) got some sun on our little trip but I'm not really sure if it was sun or just redness from the heat because it was gone by the next morning. He was loving it while we were cruising him around in his stroller!

Here we waited patiently in line for the train while we watched in amazement at how the algae and moss that was floating on the pond in the background was sucked down a drainage pipe that was right beside us. It was so gross, however, we just couldn't look away!

I was mildly disappointed to see that they've moved the flamingos from the entrance of the park and have replaced them with parrots or macaws or whatever you want to call them. I mean, yes macaws are impressive, however, I think they lack the wow factor that the flamingos have. But that's just my opinion. And, if I recall, I don't think anyone from the zoo ever asked me what I thought about it.

The success of this trip has emboldened us to venture out as a family more often, and that excites me!

(This trip to the zoo happened a month before our trip to Chattanooga, but I am just now posting the pictures from it!).

Brave we've become.

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