Saturday, May 29, 2010


"Hip Hill Happenings"
I don't really have any great pictures of us lately. We've been doing a lot of playing outside, swimming, etc. We went camping last weekend at Tannehill, and that was a blast, but it's pretty hard to tote your camera around on a bicycle, and we did a lot of bike riding, so no great pictures, sorry!
Anyway, in other exciting news, several months ago, a friend of mine called me and asked me if Mikey and I were still looking for a new house in Bagley. I told her yes, we were, and she said that she knew of a big nice house(we need a big house, because if these three little boys grow to be as big as their dad, then in approximately 10 years, I'll be surrounded by nearly fully grown men) that she heard was about to go into foreclosure. I knew exactly which house she was talking about, so I tried to call the girl who owns it, (not really someone I knew, but I like the house so I decided to jump on it). Anyway, she agreed to meet me that afternoon for a showing.
Long story short, we put in an offer
(and yes, we still own and are living in our same house, we have not put it up for sale yet!).
Then, we waited.
and waited
and waited some more.
I'm talking months here people!
All along we were reassured that this was totally normal, and that houses up for "short sale"* can take months.
* a short sale is when a buyer tries to purchase a house that has been foreclosed on from the bank(who now owns it) for less than the previous owner actually owed on the loan.
Basically, the bank agrees to take a loss.
Anyway, I had nearly given up on it when the real estate agent that is listing the house called my brother (who is our real estate agent), and told him that we had the highest offer, and that she thinks we are going to GET THE HOUSE!!
She said something about closing at the end of June!
Of course, I'm trying hard not to get my hopes up because we all know these things can fall through at the drop of a hat. But I do have my fingers crossed!
We are working furiously to get our current house prepared to put on the market!
That makes me a little sad. I mean it's where we came home to from our honeymoon. It's where we brought all three of our sons home from the hospital. Lots of great memories to say the least! It's a fact, though, regardless of whether we get the new house we're after or not, we've got to move before next fall because that is when Huett will start kindergarten, and neither Mikey or myself are big fans of the elementary school we are currently zoned for!
Anyway, we hope to have our house on the market next week, and we are praying for a speedy sale(hopefully that won't be wishful thinking), and I personally am a big fan of our house. Sure, I'm partial, but it is a nice big one-story house, and we've gone to great lengths to update it from one end to the other, and I think we've done a pretty good job. And when I say we, I mean my brother, Chad. He's done it all from the new roof to the remodeled bathroom, to the tile kitchen and dining room, to the landscaping! It's nice to have your own personal handyman, even if you do get put way down the list behind normal paying customers!
So, I have had visions of giant playrooms, formal living rooms, an office, a giant whirlpool tub, a big roomy garage, a beautiful kitchen, lots of closet space, a fenced in backyard, and the boys riding their bikes around on the cul de sac dancing around in my head ever since Chad told me the news.
Even though it really isn't news yet because there is nothing in writing, I'm still (ever so reservedly) excited!
Every room in the house needs a fresh coat of paint because, let's just say, the previous owners had some pretty eclectic(and by eclectic I mean not at all appropriate for this big pretty house) paint choices. For example, the wains coat in the foyer is painted RED, like blood red. The half bath in the foyer is BRIGHT YELLOW and they have painted the mirror purple(you would think maybe LSU fans, that is until you venture upstairs) In one of the four bedrooms upstairs, the walls are Auburn ORANGE and the ceiling is NAVY BLUE!! I don't care about the big Iron Bowl feud, but it's just awful!! But I am totally able to look past this, because I know what a fresh coat of paint can do!! I'm also not afraid of a little hard work, it might just do me some good, right? Oh, and I almost forgot to mention (how could I forget this) the decorative wall sayings that look like they are painted on. You've all seen them, and personally, I am a fan. In moderation, that is. One in your entryway, cute. One in your kitchen, cute. One it almost every single room in your house, overkill!
(I feel like I need to insert a disclaimer here: The original owner of this house, if any of my readers know her, did some really beautiful decorating when she lived here, then she got remarried, moved out, and was in some sort of "rent-to-own" agreement with some people, I don't know who they are, but anyway, the renters are the ones who did the crazy paint colors, and all the wall quotes. You can still see remnants of what the original owner had going on, and what she intended for the house, and I love it! So, this is not a dig at her. I could tell she was appalled at what the renters ahd done when she was showing me the house. I felt her pain! Whew, now I feel better)
So, I'm more than a little excited, and worried to death about making two house payments until we sell ours. I have tried to figure it out, and we should (will) be able to do it!! Maybe I'll just pick up a few extra shifts at work, and I'll ship Mikey off to work every hurricane that hits this hurricane season(it's being lauded as the most active hurricane season in recent history)!
Tired of reading yet? I have a whole other topic to address, but I'll save it for another post. I'm sure you are all coming down with a migraine from reading for this long, and about something that really isn't of much importance to anyone but me and mi familia!
Still, wish us luck, and cross your fingers, but only on one hand. Everyone knows crossing more than one set of fingers is just bad luck, duh.

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