Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hippity Hoppity, Easter's come and gone!

I love Easter! I love it so much that I called in to work so that I could spend Charlie's first Easter with him(and the rest of our family). I just could not justify missing his first Christmas and his first Easter, and his big brothers are at the prime age for Easter egg hunting and you don't get these days sue me!

Anyway, we were all dressed up, and as much as I was hoping for some prime photographs, it was just so busy that the chance didn't really present itself. I do love this picture of my sweet little family. It finally seems complete, now that the third baby we always knew we wanted is here!

They are three of a kind.

It seems surreal sometimes to think that I have three sons. I mean I'm still the cool party girl that snagged the hottest guy around, who just turned twenty-one and only works three days a week, spending all the other days doing whatever I want to do, right?

What? What's that you say? That's not me anymore?

Because in my head it still is.


Anyway, Arch the Barch and Ava Tolbs were in prime condition in their matching bows(his bowtie, her hairbow) that Trisha made! He was just starting to toddle around these days.

We tried so hard to get him to walk that day that he went on a one week walking strike, simply proving what I already knew to be true.

You don't mess with the Arch.

Taiden Elizabeth made her appearance and she was a precious angel! So stinkin' cute! Mikey seems to think she looks like me, and I can't disagree because Ava and Teagan don't even begin to look like me at all, so I take that as a compliment! Can't wait to get to babysit them sometime soon! I need some femininity around here, and so does Ava Claire!

Mikey needs a daughter. I still feel like there's one out there for us. He is a great dad to sons, obviously, but he'd be incredible for a daughter. I still want that for both of us! But want is all I can do!

Mom made all the kids ( even Charlie and Taiden) matching chocolate bunny shirts with their names monogrammed on them. They were so cute!

Huett looking so handsome in his Easter frocks

Sam looking chill in his.

He is just such a cool kid. He keeps us laughing.

There's just something about him, and I can't put my finger on it!

Love him!

Charlie was mistaken for a girl numerous times in this outfit. In my defense, his outfit had little alligators on it(not feminine at all)! Whatever. I love it!

Looking a little more masculine here!

Archer is chillaxin' in the lounger out in the beautiful weather!

The beauty that is Ava Claire.

And yes, I took this photo!(as I toot my own horn)

Happy (late) Easter everyone! We should celebrate the resurrection all year long, so I'll use this as my excuse for postponing my Easter blog post for so long.

Hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did, and thank God for giving us the reason!


  1. Well emotional me had to shed a few tears when I read that 3rd paragraph..well you are still the pretty party girl and you did snag the hottest guy around!!You do have the most beautiful little boys in the world.. and some beautiful little nieces and one precious newphew!!I love just love them all!!

  2. I do know how to spell nephew!!

  3. Great post! And the pictures are great as well!! MawMaw didn't get a girl so you two are in the same boat!!! But you can borrow Ava Claire anytime(or I think Trisha would tell you this)!!! And you can always wait on your granddaughters to join your family because that will happen before you blink an eye good!!!! Love you