Monday, February 1, 2010

Can anyone guess what I just realized?
Really, don't even try because it is so random that you'll never get it right.
I was just wishing for summer, and I realized that I think my oldest son Huett ( 5 this summer) and my oldest niece Ava(4 & 3/4 this summer) ,and maybe my middle son Sam(3 & 1/2 this summer) will be just the right age to play Marco Polo in the pool.
It's so much fun to introduce new things to them and I think (hope) they'll find this one particularly silly and fun!!
Excitement for all things summer is mounting!
Maybe it is these cute swim trunks that my sister(also known by the boys as Trisha wish or Trish Trash) bought on her shopping spree this weekend that has me yearning for warm weather! Aren't they soooooo cute! They will look so tan in them.

If anyone sees a similar pair in 6-12 months,

I need something that will coordinate for Charlie Bear

who is 0.5 now and will be almost 1 this summer!

It'll be here before we know it!!


  1. 2 things that i think may hinder the kids from being very good at marco polo...they won't go underwater and hold their fingers up high to count like we always did and they will cheat and open their eyes when they are suppose to be keeping them closed! but, i guess this means we will have to take turns being IT!

  2. GranGran better get her bathing suit ready this year. I think I will be having fun with the grandkids in the pool. You know I just love the cold water-not!!!

  3. Love the swim suits, and it just dawned on me that Huett will be 5 this summer..omg he will soon be driving and need a car then comes girls and dating and then Sam will need a car and then.... Charlie.. they are growing up too fast! It seems like Mikey was just 4 not too long ago! I will be a great-grandmother before i know it!!

  4. Girl....those swim trunks are too stinking cute. Trisha did a great job. So you think Charlie will be wearing a 6-12 months this summer? Harper is already in a 6-12 month. HAHA! I am thinking i will at least need a 12 month suit for her. I can't wait til summer either....just wish i didnt have to work so I could take the swimming all the time!