Wednesday, February 24, 2010

'sno days like a snow days!

yes, they are putting their faces in the snow and eating it.

What doesn't kill them only makes them stronger, right?

the lighting in this picture gives him an almost angelic look.

Or, maybe I am just biased

As is life with a dad and his sons, there was a lot of snowball throwing going on.

ACT(Ava Claire T.) and her mommy(my big sis) came to play in the snow. I wish Teagan could've joined too. Soon enough, right aunt Jenny!

Snow angels are something the boys have been talking about for quite a while now. We are members of Dolly Pardon's imagination library which I highly recommend everyone with children ages 0-5 sign up for. You (or someone you know) have to have a Jefferson County address, and you get a different free book every month until they turn 5. It's sponsored by The Junior League of Alabama. It's great. Anyway, they have a book called The Snowy Day where a little boy plays in the snow and makes snow angels, so they finally got their big chance!

I love to see the world through their eyes

Mikey's the biggest kid of all. And I was the innocent victim in all of their snowball attacks.

Of course, I had to get Charlie Bucket out in the snow, but just for a few minutes. He didn't seemed to mind the cold, but I doubt he could even feel it because Mikey bundled him up so tight! Good Daddy!

It was all too much for him and about 10 minutes after he came inside, he passed out in his swing

My feeble attempt at a group picture

This one didn't fare much better. Mikey looks like a mix between Lloyd Christmas, Paul Bunyan, and Cousin Eddie.

This one went better.

This picture is from the snow in 2009.
You can see a glimpse of Sam's long hair, and they both have chubbier cheeks. In 2011, we'll have to squeeze Charlie in there somewhere.

Snow angels in action

this was the first picture of the day. I kept telling them, "Just let me get a few pictures of you and then I'll leave you alone and you can do whatever you want." So once I got those pictures, everytime I'd randomly call Huett's name to snap a picture of him, he kept saying, "You said you were going to leave me alone." So I did.
Now for story time...
Like every other blogger in the greater southeast, I have posted the obligatory snow pictures of us. Every time it has snowed (or has supposed to snow)this year, I've been at work. This last winter weather advisory was no exception. The first time James Spann said it might snow this year, the administration at UAB was Johnny on the spot. They put the winter weather plan into effect and told us all to pack our bags and plan to stay because, hey, nothing makes a pregnant woman go into labor faster than knowing there is no sane way to get them and their unborn child to the hospital like a snow storm. Just one of God's funny little jokes I guess. We all want to be at home, but the patients just keep pouring in. Even ones who probably logically know they aren't in labor, but are so afraid to be stuck at home that they come on in anyway. And then, what can we do? Nothing, because the roads are closed and iced over. This time though, the time when it actually snows a lot they never batted an eye. I never once heard anyone talk about staying over. It was really strange as I sat on the 10th floor and watched the snow come down blizzard-style for hours, yet no one seemed to think it mattered. So I get off work to head home, and on my way, there are 3 wrecks on the northbound side of I-65 in the first 1/2 mile alone. I am on edge immediately. I usually stay on this interstate for a few miles until I exit, so I take an alternate route and head for Highway 78. I exit and realize that it isn't moving either so I hang a left and jump back on the interstate, headed for yet another alternate route. So far so good, I think, until the main bridge that accesses Minor Parkway is completely shut down. Now if any of you know where I am talking about, lets just say this isn't particularly prime real-estate, and it was late. So I called my dad, a veritable walking talking navigational system, and he says he knows another way without me getting back on the interstate. He says he will stay on the phone with me until I get to a familiar place. That sounded off some alarms, but hey, it was my dad, he wouldn't put me in danger, right? So, off I go,into the bowels of downtown Wylam. I never knew there was more to this old town than Alabama's only 5-way stop. Well, I was wrong but not by much. Dad proceeded to direct me though this frightening run-down old main-street of a town that you could tell was once bustling. No more. It looked like something off of a horror movie, or a movie with the plot of a drug deal going down. The windows were boarded up, only a few of the street lamps worked, and the roads were winding. Dad's still on the phone, thank goodness, because, seriously, this felt like some kind of weird alternate universe like I had just stepped into a murder mystery novel and I was about to approach the scene of a crime. Well, I made it back to the famous aforementioned 5-way stop, clinging to my life, and was all turned around because I had never approached it from this direction, but Dad directed me, and once I passed the weird giant dome church, I knew I was home free! Well, then I tried to get back on highway 78 and there was another wreck blocking the entrance ramp so I took another back road. This one in a town I was a little more comfortable with so I navigated myself back home. I bet, in all, I saw 12+ wrecks and what is normally a 30 minute drive, took me 75. I made it home and was thrilled to see my yard, untouched and ready to play in the next morning. We suited up and were off! Thanks to our own personal advances in snow gear and waterproof equipment(thanks to gran gran) our time in the snow lasts longer and is more enjoyable. I can't say enough about galoshes and waterproof gloves. By 2:00, when they were up from their naps, it was gone, just the way I like it, because as much fun as the snow is, I don't think I could stomach suiting them up two times in one day. These kids can't hang like we did in the blizzard of '93. I know they say that we'll never see the likes of that blizzard again in our lifetime, and I feel truly grateful that my brother and sister and I were at such a perfect age to enjoy that blizzard to the fullest( with my dads help of course, but that is a whole other post within itself), but is it selfish of me to hope in about 10 years we can get another one of those? Those are some of the fondest memories I have. So fun! I guess global warming will put a stop to that...seeing as this is the coldest winter on record in several years...yep we sure are heating up, right? Now, spring, where are you. Around here, if we don't look fast,we'll miss it altogether and it'll be 90 degrees before you know it. Such is the Alabama weather!


  1. Cousin EDDIE!!Ah Tiff how could you be so cruel?? These pictures are just precious. i had no idea you had such a rough time getting home, i guess i had no idea because i would have been worried sick!!As the old saying goes, what you don't know want hurt you!

  2. Tell Cousin Eddie that we said hello!!! Great post! Enjoyed the pictures and the writing!!!

  3. shout out to the bLiZzArD of 93'! the forts lasted for over a week and the tunnels throught the snow drifts were incredible! not to mention we never lost heat or power throughout the whole ordeal!