Sunday, February 7, 2010

charlie eats

Charlie is 5 months old, and we just started feeding him baby food. We started with rice cereal, and have slowly progressed to a few vegetables.

This was his first taste of carrots. Judging from this face, he may be more like Huett in this area, because I'm pretty sure when we started feeding Sam, he didn't let even one drop leave his mouth. Sam sure didn't wince when we were feeding him like this. But I guess maybe it is too early to judge.

I promise his cheeks are not full of acorns or marshmallows, even though he does look like a chipmunk!

Sometimes I think he'd rather eat his hands, or a handful of my hair which he often tries to do, instead of food.

He went for his 4 month check-up when he turned five months(some things just slip when it's your 3rd baby 4 and under).
Anyway, he was 26 3/4 inches and weighed 17 pounds exactly! Not too shabby!
Sam went for his 3 year checkup(a month late) and he weighs 40 pounds and is 3 feet 3 inches tall.
Doctor Gleason says they are both on the tall side, but he said he wasn't surprised.

In Huett news, he can routinely pick out all the letters of the alphabet, knows the whole alphabet in sign language, knows what sounds the letters make, and can recognize several simple words when he sees them, so I guess in the simplest form, my oldest son knows how to read!
He seems to be much more mature(as mature as a 4 year old can be) in these last few weeks.
My babies are growing up. Can I honestly say, for the first time, I am not sad about the fact that we won't be having any more kids.
When I see a pregnant woman I don't think," oh I wish it were me"
I just think,"bless her heart".
I think I have finally gotten my fill of babies(baby boys anyway)
Now if someone promised me a girl, then it would be on,
but in case you haven't noticed, you can't just pick one up at Wal-mart.
Anyway, I am excited about the near(and distant) future with my three sons!
(and their daddy)!
There is a light at the end of the baby tunnel!


  1. its about time you started feeding that baby some food. the two times i've fed him, he has enjoyed the fruit flavored rice cereal, no complaints. i hope he likes to eat like sam.

  2. charlie needs to drink some juice,and don't ever let archer get his work done on our computer again

  3. The pictures made me laugh. He didn't think to much of his vegetables. But i don't think he will be like Huett. Remember Huett gaged at everything and i mean everything!!!!!! Yes your boys are growing up but what a joy to be a part of that as they do! And tell Mikey that Archer can do his work on your computer anytime because GranGran said so!!!!

  4. I love these pictures.. Charlie is so precious!! Charlie is the first in our family to have blue eyes...that will be just something else to attract those silly girls that will run after my grandsons!!

  5. Silly girls you are so right about that!!! Maybe Charlie eyes will change to his brothers brown eyes if not oh well, they are still beautiful!

  6. Also i forgot to mention I am so proud of Huett! he is so smart!! Huett is going to be the intellectual one, on the other hand Sam will be our star football,basketball and baseball player(he also mention soccer to Gary).Sam will change sports with the seasons just like his dad. Charlie will be a little of both! I love them all 3 so much!!