Monday, February 22, 2010

Sleeping Babes

Why is it that children can contort their bodies into unimaginable positions, and yet, when you try to straighten them out, they act like you are hurting them? All I am asking is that they let me put their little bodies back into naturally occurring positions. These pictures were actually taken during nap time, but on any given night, you can find Mikey and myself caught up in this tangled web of appendages. It makes for some interesting mornings on the rare occasion that Mikey and I are both off work, and they have both wandered into our bedroom in the night. They share a bed in their own room, Thank God. They absolutely do not start out the night in the bed with us. That is one thing that we have been particularly adamant about since they were babies, and Charlie is no exception, but I digress. Anyway, they wake up so silly. I can't wait until Charlie is big enough to do the same thing. Of course, at the rate they are all going, our king size bed ( which is already almost too small) will be a joke, and we'll have to upgrade to a California King, or maybe one of those ridiculous round beds like Hugh Hefner or Shaq. I can see us now. I wonder how I will manage to clothe them, feed them, keep their big clothes washed? When they are 14, 16, and 17 and probably 6 foot + if our heights are any indication...It is both intimidating and exciting. Boy this post went a lot further than I I have got to go and get my eldest two sons to settle down. I think they are seldom as excited throughout the day as they are at bedtime when the lights go out and they are left to their own devices...and there is a real sleeping babe in the next room, so off I go to restore order to that end of the house!


  1. Such sweet pictures.. i do the same thing and try to make them look comfortable.. but they always get back to that same uncomfortable looking positon. I guess it just uncomfortable to me and i am so afraid they are not getting a good nights rest.. but in the end i am the only one not resting good!! I don't care.. they won't be little always. when they are in their teenage years i doubt if they will want to spend the night with ole Mamaw!!

  2. they are so sweet asleep as well as awake!

  3. Poor Sam, he seems to be the one to be uncomfortable since Huett is all over him..