Friday, March 26, 2010

Cena con Dora y Diego

A few weeks ago we had a spring break adventure to the Mcwane Center to meet Dora and Diego for dinner!

We picked the "Big" boys (as we have started referring to Huett and Sam to distinguish between them and just "the boys" which includes Charlie) up from pre-school and headed to the "Big City"!

Don't they look like big boys? I got these t-shirts at Wal-mart for three dollars! Can you say bargain shopper! This is one instance in which I am a little grateful to have sons. When I was a kid, older than them, of course, I would NEVER have worn something from Wal-Mart. Serious business, I didn't' even want to be seen in the clothes section for fear that someone might think that I was actually looking for clothes! Oh the SHAME!!

(looking back now, isn't that ridiculous! What a snob, I guess Coach Tate and Mrs. Reeser were right...shout out to Crystal who remembers those days)

Trash-head and Ava Tolbs went with us!

My newest niece also went, along with her parents and her big sister Teagan! She hasn't gotten to get out with us much yet, so we were glad to see her make it!

Chad and Teagan! Teagan was so excited, yet I think she was a little freaked out by Dora and Diego.

The scavenger hunt has begun! Gentlemen, start your magnifying glasses!

(I love this picture)

Also note their compass rings so they could determine their coordinates inside the Mcwane Center!

Huett loves to play on the computer and that was no different while we waited in line for dinner!

Flashbacks from the classic movie "Big", anyone?

The giant lite-brite was pretty cool, too

Sam was hard at work at the "styrofoam factory" or whatever you want to call it!

Teagan was his trusty assistant! Always there to lend a hand at the rotating belt of styrofoam loaves!

Huett was in the mist tornado-making's pretty cool, too!

But the real fun began when Mikey took to the weather machine!!

Undertaker, You're Gonna burn in Hell!!! haha

This is what I get to wake up next to everyday...don't be jealous!

They had this cool thing where you can stand in front of the green screen like a newsman and move around with the picture on the screen. This was Chad, playing on the drums. It was pretty funny and I think this was the hardest we laughed all night!

Here, after much begging for uncle Chad to get off the toys, the kids had their chance!

This is the captured image of big sis trish holding Taiden for the FIRST time... can you believe that. Taiden is two and a half months old!Some aunt she is... I'm kidding!!

Ava, the paleontologist. She was excavating for a dinosaur bone!

Sam was too, they crack me up in these goggles. Hilarious!

Teagan in the amazing shrinking room!


By this point, the boys were starting to get tired, as evidenced by their glazed over stares!

At this stop, you put these very fashionable head bands on and it measures your brain waves. Supposedly whoever is the most relaxed will send their ball into their opponents goal. Sam was tired and throwing a fit because he was losing so Trisha was trying hard to make her brain activity go up and she was shaking her head and talking really fast and it was pretty funny! It worked, and Sam finally won!

I wish I had a video of Trisha trying to let him win. It was so funny!

Ava got all nervous and giggly and wouldn't sit on the bench by herself.

For whatever reason, she would only sit with Diego, and she doesn't even watch that cartoon...go figure.

Huett and Sam climbed right up and posed for the pictures! They are just getting so big.

It was a lot of fun and we would definitely do it again. It was our first "special event" at The McWane Center and I can't wait for the next one!


  1. It looks like everyone had fun! Glad the grandkids get to do special things!!

  2. i could have done without the profile pictures of myself! you got some really great shots of the kids!