Monday, March 8, 2010

Six months post

Six months ago, Mikey and I welcomed our last baby boy into the world.

He grew in my tummy for nine long months, kicking and punching the entire time. He came out much the same way. Lets just say the first several weeks of life for him(and us) were rough.

I don't know if colic was to blame or if it was reflux. My mom would tell you that he is just like I was when I was baby because she lives to tell the story of how when I was three weeks old I cried for so long that she just put me in my bed and shut the door.Mikey's mom also says he cried for six months solid from a terrible case of colic. Thanks for not shaking our retinas loose moms!

But enough about us.
The next few months got a lot better.

He is still a demanding little guy, but I could kiss his sweet cheeks all day long.

He seems small, but I believe it's because he is tall and so that makes him seem skinnier than Huett and Sam.

We take him to the doctor for his 6 month check-up on Friday so I'll let you all know for sure about that theory.

Charlie, at 6 months, you can sit up by yourself completely unsupported. You sleep through the night most of the time but I do have to give you your pacifier atleast once a night, if not more.

You've just started eating and your favorite food right now is rice cereal with fruit mixed with formula. In fact, I fed it to you yesterday, and it made you so full that you passed out to sleep in your exersaucer at 5:00 in the afternoon and I had to wake you up at 7:30. I think you may've been out for the night.

You love it when Huett and Sam talk to you and you get really excited when you get to play with Archer. When I make a kissing noise, you grab the sides of my face and pull me in and give me big slobbery kisses. Sometimes you chew on my chin with your soft little toothless gums and I just love it!
Ooo ooo ooo...I love you!

Happy half year!


  1. Charlie is sooo sweet and i love him so much too!!....and Mikey still has the colic!!

  2. And Tiffany still cries all the time(JK) But that was the truth you cried all the time but it lasted way past 6 months! Your PawPaw use to say that all you wanted was your mama and that you needed to get away from me but of course that didn't happen!!! Charlie is a sweet little boy and i love it when he gives me those slobbery(probably not spelled right) kisses and holds on tight while he does it. What a true blessing!!!

  3. charlie looks a lot like mikey in that last picture!