Tuesday, March 16, 2010

spring is almost sprung

Never have I ever been so stir-crazy and ready for spring to arrive.

At the first sign of Spring we headed out to the park on an adventure.

I think I was just as excited as the kids were!

First, we headed down the big hill from the park to the walking trail.
I have a tendency to forget just how steep this hill is until I'm actually in the middle of it.

Mikey headed down first needless to say, he was faster than I am.

No, this is not a picture of my husband vandalizing the local scenery with our sons name...

he has a habit of that...

Sam kept jumping the ditches!

Hiding from Aunt Trish behind the recently vandalized rock.

Huett and Ava were racing...Huett won!

Here they are with their newly acquired walking sticks. I told them that every good adventure needs a walking stick!

The ducks were out and about! There was only one swan. Is that normal?

In a moment of insanity, Mikey agreed to let Huett and Sam cross the rock wall. Huett did it all by himself but Sam needed a little help. That water is disgusting but we all would've been in it if one of them had fell. I used to cross it all the time when I was little and I survived but I still don't like to see them doing it.

Mikey was instructing him and they were doing very well.
Look at the concentration on their faces.

Ava did it too. She was as brave as the boys were.

Huett wanted to do it over and over but my nerves couldn't take it!

Trisha and Ava, wilderness women!

We kept trying to get the ducks to come close to us, but they just weren't into it!

Thank goodness no one fell in and we were able to obey the sign!

What a pretty picture!

Mikey was helping Ava cross the monkey bars. This is as close to a daughter as he'll get and I think he makes the most of it!

Uncle Mike (that's what Ava calls him) steals a kiss!

Now we've had a stretch of cold weather again,

but I say

bring on Spring!

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  1. Some of those pictures scared me. Glad I stayed home with the little boys! I could not take watching them cross that wall. You know me I would have said no way are you going to let them cross the walk. Oh my my my!!!