Monday, March 8, 2010

Warning! These pictures are in a totally random order.

A couple of months ago, our friends Christian and Christina called and told us to make plans and get a babysitter because they wanted us to come over and visit them at their new house for a cook out. They made sure to give us all plenty of time to plan it out so we could be sure to make it.
This night was fun. If this first picture doesn't give you an idea of just how fun, then I don't know which one will.

Yes, that's right. The guy in this picture is doing the moonwalk in a pair of jeans rolled up just so...

Although he doesn't have it quite like the original MJ, for a 250 pound 6'4" guy, he didn't do so bad!

A little karaoke was involved. Really, it was just these two guys and Cody, a big bear of a man who didn't manage to make it into these pictures. His wife didn't manage to make it in the pics either.

They manned the mic all night.

Bob, Christian(host), and Mikey

They were posing for a picture on another camera and I caught this candid side shot. Silly boys. Physically they look like grown men, but they really just boys...silly little boys.

This is Christina, hostess extraordinaire and myself. Somehow Trisha, Christina, and I all had on various shades of purple and black...what are the odds.

Tha wolfman was out because it was a full moon


ao ao ao aooooooo!!!

We had a toasty fire on the back I was almost certain was going to either burn the porch off their cute new house, or burn one or more of the guests.

Big sis Trish!
(note the purple and black)

Bob is by far the silliest of all!

We had some yummy grillage made by Christian and Christina. It was delicious!

more of the yummy food.

Look, I gave you fair warning that the pictures were all over the place.

Anyway, we had lots of fun. It's so nice to have friends that are at the same stage of life as we are because for so long we were the only ones with kids. Everyone was still going out all the time. Now they have to scrounge around just like we do when we all want to get together.


Our next adventure together is to the

Tim Mcgraw/
Lady Antebellum/
Love and Theft
concert that is coming to Oak Mountain in May!
Our seats are way up in the nosebleeds, but that's okay. That's all they had left for a group of eight. We'll find a way to have fun even if we never make it farther than the parking lot.

Can't wait you guys!


  1. it was an awesome night of fun! the pictures don't do it justice!

  2. proselytize? that the best you got? i've never heard you use that word before...i had to google it! anyway, i spent 4 years on the yearbook staff, so blogging is just taking me back to my highschool roots. Shout out to me, chief computer editor, 1998! don't be jealous! i am and always will be the reigning class poet...i know thats just a slap in the face too!